Sample Papers for Class 10 CBSE SA1 Social Science Solved 2016-17 Set 1

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1. Where did the big European powers meet in 1885 for dividing Africa ? 1
In which year did the first cotton mill in Bombay (Mumbai) come up ?
When was Rent Control introduced in Britain ?
2. Who introduced hand-printing technology in Japan ? 1
In which language did Vaikam Mohammad Basheer gained popularity as a novelist ?
3. What is the prudential reason behind power sharing ? 1
4. Which local body has a ‘Mayor’ as its head ? 1
5. Which group of countries did face the problem of social division ? 1
6. What is the most common indicator for measuring economic development of a country ? 1
7. Under which economic sector does the production of a commodity through the natural process come? [HOTS] 1
8. In which sector is manufacturing included ? 1
9. How did Rinderpest become instrumental in subjugating the Africans ?
Describe any three main reasons for the decline of textile exports from India in the 19 century.
What is meant by tenement ?
10. Highlight any three innovations which have improved the printing technology from 19,h century onwards. 3
Elaborate upon the contribution of Charles Dickens in the field of novel writing.
11. How can you contribute to minimise the pollution ? Explain. [Value-based question] 3
12. Enumerate any three features of ‘regur’ soil. 3
13. Assess the need for the conservation of forests and wildlife in India. 3
14. What is Bamboo Drip irrigation ? Mention any two features of it. 3
15. Describe the institutional and technical changes introduced in the field of agriculture in India in the recent years. [HOTS] 3
16. How can powrer be shared among governments at different levels ? Explain. 3
17. Explain the two basis of social differences with examples. 3
18. How did communalism poses a great threat to Indian democracy ? 3
19. Explain the term ‘Sustainable Development’. Suggest two measures to ensure Sustainable Development. 3
20. Explain the role of education and health in the overall development of a country. [HOTS] 3
21. Describe the contribution of three sectors in Indian economy. 3
22. Explain the three types of movement of flows within international economic exchange. Mention any one example of any one type of flow from India and one from England. 5
How did the Indian industries develop in the 19th and 20lh centuries ? Explain.
Why was the underground railway criticised in London ? Explain the reasons.
23. How far is it right to say that the print culture was responsible for the French Revolution ? 5
Describe in brief the story of the novel ‘Mayor of Casterbridge’ written by Thomas Hardy.
24. How were the manuscripts written in India before the age of print ? What were their drawbacks and
‘Premchand’s novels are filled with all kinds of powerful characters from all levels of society.” Support the statement by giving suitable examples.
25. Explain any four reasons responsible for water scarcity in India. 5
26. Explain any five key features of Federalism. 5
27. Describe any five constitutional provisions that make India as a secular state. 5
28. Is per capita income a true measure of development ? Elaborate. [HOTS] 5
29. “Workers are not exploited in organised sector.” Do you agree with the statement ? Explain reasons in support of your answer.
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Sample Papers for Class 10 CBSE SA1 Social Science Solved 2016-17 Set 1 (Download Solutions PDF)

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