Sample Papers for Class 10 CBSE SA1 English Solved 2016-17 Set 3


SECTION – A: READING (20 marks)

Q. 1. Read the following passage carefully: (8 marks)

Power Foods

(1) Power foods are foods that provide rich levels of nutrients like fibre, potassium and minerals. With people becoming increasingly health conscious today, a lot of fitness trainers encourage their clients to include these foods in their daily diet to increase muscle development. There are various ways of incorporating power foods in your daily diet. Of course, the key to enjoying power foods is proper preparation of these foods, the use of season-fresh foods, and indentifying your choice of flavour among power foods.

(2) Some of the recommended power food combinations are those that are prepared in our kitchens on a regular basis. Take for instance, the combination of chickpeas and onions. This combination is a powerful source of iron which is required by the body to transport oxygen to its various parts. Iron deficiency can lead to anaemia, fatigue, brain fog and tiredness. A study by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry says that sulphur compounds in onion and garlic help in the absorption of iron and zinc from chickpeas. The combination is a hit with teenagers who need to be diligent about getting iron in their diet. A- quick way to prepare this power food is to make a chickpea salad with chopped onions, chaat masala and cilantro.

(3) Another favourite combination with power food takers is yoghurt and bananas. This makes for a perfect snack after a rough game of football. Exercising bums glucose and thus lowers blood sugar. Yoghurt is packed with proteins that help preserve muscle mass, and bananas are packed with carbohydrates that help in refuelling energy and preventing muscle soreness. A quick and easy recipe with bananas is a banana smoothie topped with cool yoghurt.

(4) Among beverages, green tea is the best source of catechins that are effective in halting oxidative damage to cells. According to researchers at the Purdue University, adding a dash of lemon juice to green tea makes the catechins even more easily absorbable by the body. So, the next time you have instead of are friends serve them rounds of iced green tea with mint and lemon juice.
Answer the following questions briefly: (1×8 = 8 marks)

(a) What are power foods ? (1)

(b) What are the rules regarding the partaking of power foods ? (1)

(c) What is the advantage of including onions and garlic in our diet ? (1)

(d) Suggest a quick recipe with chickpea and onions. (1)

(e) Why is yoghurt and bananas, an enriching power food ? (1)

(f) Why is green tea a recommended power food ? (1)

(g) What is the advantage of combining green tea with lemon juice ? (1)

(h) What is the key to enjoying power foods in a wholesome way ? (1)

Q. 2. Read the following passage carefully: (12 marks)

(1) After a long day out in the scorching sun at Nizamuddin railway station, having checked out every bit of garbage disposed off trains, a group of ragpickers gathered for a chat in a rainswept shelter. This was no regular gathering for them. It was a Mother’s Day gathering.

(2) Most children had never heard the word but grew emotional once they got to know what the day signified. Gifts for their mothers ranged from promises of not running away, to earning enough to assure their mothers of some comfort some day.

(3) When it came to actual celebrations for the day, a group of boys at the centre run by Chetna, an NGO, near the station, surrounded Manjula Rai. Some even pulled her hair and tire rowdy ones calmed down after a stem glance from her. For many boys and girls, this 47-year old social worker is a face recognized as a help at hand. For quite a few of them, Manjula is the ‘mother’ who influences them.

(4) When they settled dpwn to talk, the children at Chetna, related their aspirations with thoughtful intent. Vikas Kumar, who felt shy to pronounce the word Mother’s Day, said he was determined to secure some day, quality life for his mother, who was a domestic worker. His promise to his mother on Mother’s Day was to take out his mother from a rented house and to give her a home with a better life, some day.

(5) Vikas left school when he was just 9, but is now a motivator for other boys to break free of ragpicking and study through the Open School System. Today, Vikas, who is a Class VII student, is the pride of the Centre and Manjula has been a part of his journey all through. She has been convincing the parents of these children to understand their evolution from being a child labourer to a teenager who can acquire skills for a better life.

(6) Aslam for instance, who giggled as the boys tried to pronounce Mother’s Day, knew the words ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ having watched TV serials and Hindi films. According to him : “I keep running away from home and fight with my Mom. But on Mother’s Day, when I go back, I will not fight and stay with her.” The traumatic life stories related by these children become a selfexplanation for their aggressive behaviour and their suppressed feelings.

(A) Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words: (2×4 = 8 marks)
(a) What was special about Mother’s Day at the rain-swept shelter ? (2)
(b) What were the ragpickers’ reaction about Mother’s Day ? (2)
(c) How did the children celebrate the day at the Chetna premises ? (2)
(d) Why is Vikas’ case inspiring for the ragpickers ? (2)

(B) Do as directed: : (Ix4 = 4marks)

(e) When one is out in the scorching sun, it means the day is………. (1)
(i) cool (ii) rainy
(iii) very hot (iv) very dry

(f) The ragpickers had understood about Mother’s Day when Manjula told them what it ………… (1)
(i) signified (ii) promised
(iii) gifted (iv) created

(g) When one hankers for something better, it becomes……….. (1)
(i) an emotional moment (ii) a dream moment
(iii) an aspiration (iv) traumatic life story

(h) A tenn in the passage which means the same as ‘’compelling’ is……….. (1)
(i) convincing (ii) scorching
(iii) understanding (iv) pronouncing


Q. 3. Your grandfather is very upset about the rising prices and keeps thinking of his olden times when things were very cheap. You are convinced that inflation has made life difficult for common man. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the editor of a national daily describing the difficulties faced by poor families. (5 marks)

Q. 4. Write a story in about 150-200 words on the basis of the given outlines :
The illiterate boy………caught for pick pocketing…….sent to juvenile prison………forced
to do lessons………becomes sullen rebellious…… French comic film on TV during
recreation hour ……..fascinated with the language……….requested coaching classes………a
French tourist guide today. _ (10 marks)

Q. 5. Read the paragraph given below and fill in the blanks with the options that follow: (3 marks)
High school is a critical time in the life of young people. On (a)………..(a/the/an/no article) one
hand, teenagers are eager to enjoy their freedom and independence, while on the other hand, they
must be disciplined enough to keep (b)…………(their/the/our/there) priorities straight. In my
opinion, the family, the peer group and the school impact high school students the (c)…………..
(best/highest/most/maximum) at this vulnerable time. (1×3 = 3 marks)

Q. 6. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the lines. Write the incorrect word and the correction in the space provided
Error Correction
Community service sensitise people to (a) ………………. ……………….
other’s needs and supports inclusive (b) ………………. ……………….
development to the underprivileged (c) ………………. ……………….
sections with the society. Courses about social (d) ………………. ……………….
work prepares frontline workers to (e) ………………. ……………….
takes up assignments in social welfare (f) ………………. ……………….
organisations. Practical work including (g) ………………. ……………….
50 hour of structured internship to man projects. (h) ………………. ……………….

Q. 7. Rearrange the following to make meaningful sentences. The first one has been done as an example: (3 marks)

e.g., England/good/many/lived/a/years/king/ago/wise/there/and/in Many years ago there lived a wise and good king in England.

(a) so much/man/his country/did/other/ever/for/for/as he/no/did
(b) the world/speak/Alfred/people/of/all over/the Great/now/as/him
(c) have/life/in/easy/those/did not/very/days/a/a king


Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow: (1×3 = 3 marks)
“The whole universe is built up through love and the grief of separation is inescapable.”

(a) When did the speaker acquire this philosophy ? (1)
(b) What pain has the speaker gone through ? (1)
(c) What does the word ‘inescapable’ mean ? (1)
In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman. Rises toward her day after day like a terrible fish.
(a) Why does the poet refer to the ‘terrible fish’ in the last line ? (1)
(b) Why has it been described as being ‘terrible’ ? (1)
(c) What does the phrase ‘in me she has drowned a young girl’ mean ? (1)

Q. 9. Answer the following in 30-40 words : (2×4 = 8 marks)
(a) Why was black the dress code for the day ? (2)
(b) In what way is the poet stronger than powerful rulers ? (2)
(c) Do you agree with the frog’s assessment that the nightingale is a brainless bird ? (2)
(d) The postmaster says to AH, ‘What a pest you are brother ?’ Do you agree with the statement ?
Give reasons. (2)

Q. 10. Answer any one of the following questions in 80-100 words : (4 marks)
The word ‘Letter’ is interwoven in the text and imparts us the value of letters which are living documents of human emotions. Justify.
How is hypocrisy of the two sisters brought out in the play, ‘The Dear Departed’ ?


Attempt any one question from 11(a) or 11(b) in about 150 words.
The Story of My Life

Q. 11. (a) Describe Helen’s relationship with her sister Mildred. (10 marks)
(a) Draw up a character sketch of Martha Washington.

The Diary of a Young Girl
Q. 11. (b) How did Anne and her family reach the ‘Secret Annexe’ ? (10 marks)
(b) What impression do you form of Gestapo on its way of handling the Jews ?

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