Sample Papers for Class 10 CBSE SA1 Social Science 2016-17 Solved Set 3


1. Which was the main destination of Indian indentured migrants ?
Who manufactured the new model of the steam engine in 1781 ?
Who wrote the book The Bitter Cry of Outcaste London’ in 1880s ?
2. Who agreed to revise Press Laws in 1835 ?
Who is the author of the novel ‘Mayor of Casterbridge’ ?
3. Which city is the capital of Belgium ?
4. .Marne the country which follows ‘coming together’ style of federalism.
5. Which movement emerged in 1966 and lasted till 1975 to end racism in the US ?
6. How many categories the World Bank has classified the countries ?
7. Which sector includes activities that help in the development of the primary and secondary sector 7 1
8. Which communities generally find themselves in unorganised sector ? [HOTS) 1
9. Explain the role of New International Economic Order (NIEO). 3
What were the problems of Indian weavers of the early 19 century ?
How did Bombay emerge as an important colonial city ?
10. Explain the reasons favouring shift from hand printing to mechanical printing in China. 3
Highlight any three contributions of novel to a modern society.
11. Which geographical factors are responsible for the evolution of black soil ? Why is it considered the most suitable for growing cotton ? 3
12. Distinguish between Khadar and Bangar soils. 3
13. What efforts or steps were taken by the government to protect forests and wildlife of the country? 3
14. Describe any three traditional methods of rainwater harvesting adopted in different parts of India. 3
15. Define the following terms:
(a) Current fallow land
(b) Other than current fallow
(c) Cultural waste land. 3
16. How far do you agree with the statement that power sharing is keeping with the ‘Spirit’ of democracy ? (Value-based question) 3
17. What was the penalty imposed on Carlos, Smith and Normans for their action at the 1968 Mexico Olympics ? 3
18. “The Government of India gives holidays for the festivals of most of the religions.” Why is it so ? Give your view point.
19. Apart from income, which other six things people look for the growth and development ? 3
20. Write the importance of human development index in three points. (HOTS) 3
21. Differentiate between the public and the private sectors in an economy with examples. 3
22. Discuss the factors that led to the end of Brettonwoods System and the beginning of globalisation. 5
Describe any five major problems faced by new European merchants in setting up their industries in towns before the industrial revolution.
Explain any five sources of entertainment which came up in the 19 century in England to provide leisure activities.
23. Describe any five strategies developed by the printers and publishers in the 191*1 century to sell their products. 5
What were the issues addressed by Thomas Hardy in his novel ‘Mayor of Casterbridge’ ? How did the novel bring together many cultures ?
24. Explain how print culture assisted the growth of Nationalism in India. 5
Summarise the main theme of the novel ‘Godan’ written by Premchand.
25. What are the four important fibre crops of India ? Describe any two of them. 1+4 = 5
26. “Holding together federations”do not give equal power to itsconstituent units. Explain the statement with the help of examples in context to India, 5
27. Describe any five ways in which women in India are still discriminated and oppressed. 5
28. If you get a job in a far off place before accepting it, you would try to consider many factors. Explain any five such factors. |HOTS] 5
29. “When a country develops, the contribution of primary sector declines and that of secondary and tertiary sector increases.” Analyse the statement. |HOTS| 5
30. Two features (A) and (B) are shown in the political outline map of India. Identify these features with the help of following information and write their correct names on the line marked on the map.
(A) A soil type
(B) Type of forest 1 + 1=2
On the same political map of India, locate and label Gandhi Sagar. 1
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Sample Papers for Class 10 CBSE SA1 Social Science Solved 2016-17 Set 3 (Download Question Paper PDF)

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Sample Papers for Class 10 CBSE SA1 Social Science Solved 2016-17 Set 3 (Download Solutions PDF)

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