CBSE Class 10 Social Geography Water Resources notes

♦ Dam: A barrier across the flowing water.

♦ Flora: Plants of a particular region or period are referred to as flora.

♦ Fauna: Species of animals are known as fauna.

♦ Forest: Extensive area covered with trees.

♦ Groundwater: Water which is obtained from a depth of more than 15 metres is known as groundwater.

♦ Hydroelectricity: It is the power which is generated with the help of running water.

♦ Multipurpose project: A River valley project which serves a number of purposes simultaneously such as irrigation, flood control and generates hydroelectricity, e.g. the Bhakra Nangal.

♦ Perennial canals: Canals developed by diverting water from rivers that flow throughout the year.

♦ Soil: The upper layer of the ground containing weathered rocks and humus.

♦ Water scarcity: Shortage of water as compared to its demand is known as water scarcity.

♦ Rainwater harvesting: It is a technique of increasing the recharge of groundwater by capturing and storing rainwater, by constructing structures such as percolating pits, check dams, etc.

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