CBSE Class 10 Social Sciences Novels, Society and History Notes

♦ Gentlemanly Classes : People, who claimed a noble birth and a high social position. They were supposed to set the standard for proper behaviour.

♦ Epistolary : The form of novel which used the private and personal form of letters to tell a story are known as epistolary. Samuel Richardson’s Pamela written in the 18th century explain much of its story through an exchange of letters between two lovers.

♦ Vernacular : The normal, spoken form of a language rather than the formal, literary form.

♦ Satire : A form of representation through writing, drawing, painting, etc., that provides a criticism of society in a manner that is witty and clever.

♦ Serialised : A format in which the story is published in instalments, each part in a new issue of a journal.

♦ Novel : Novel is a modem form of literature born from print, a mechanical invention.

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