CBSE Sample Papers for Final Board Exams Class 10 Social Science – Paper 5

(For Annual Board Examinations to be held in and after March 2018 and onwards)
Based on the latest syllabus and design of the Question Paper released by the C.B.S.E., New Delhi.

Strictly based on the Remodelled Scheme of Assessment, the Latest Syllabus and Design of the Question Paper released by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi effective from academic year 2017-18.

 MODEL TEST PAPER 5 (Unsolved)

1.A What was the main intention behind the congress of Vienna? [1]


1.B For what purpose Scholars Revolt was started in Vietnam in 1868?

2.A Which class led the revolutions of (1830-1848) in Europe? [1]


2.B When and where a peace settlement took place which ended Vietnamese conflict with the US?

3. What is the main difference between weathering and erosion? [1]

4. In which state is Mawsynram located? [1]

5. Which fibre crop originated in India? [1]

6. What should be the main focus of political reforms?                                     [1]

7. Which is the single largest source of credit in rural India?               [1]

8.A Why did nationalist tensions emerge in the Balkans?     [3]


8.B Describe the influence of China on Vietnamese culture and life.

9. Describe briefly any three economic effects of Non-Cooperation Movement. [3]

10. “Modem means of transport and communication serve as lifelines of our nation.”Explain. [3]

11. Explain any three factors responsible for the location of cotton textile industry in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.   [3]

12. Name any three major iron ore belts found in India. Write main feature of each.                                                 [3]

13. Describe any two features of democracy. [3]

14. Examine any three features on the basis of which maximum number of countries claim to practise democratic politics.     [3]

15. Explain any two reforms implemented in our country to improve the political parties. [3]

16. Mention any three ways which the multinational corporations use to spread their production. [3]

17. How has the improvement in technology stimulated the globalization process? Explain with examples.     [3]

18. Why should credit at reasonable rates be available to all? Describe any three reasons. [3]

19.A ‘Despite repressive measures, nationalist newspapers grew in numbers in all parts of India.’ Discuss. [5]


19.B Discuss the emergence of novel in South India.

20.A Discuss the impact of depression on Indian agriculture. [5]


20.B Describe the peculiarities of industrial growth in India during the 19th century.


20.C Describe the celebration during the ‘London Season’.

21. After Independence, what steps were taken by the government to increase agricultural production? [5]

22. Mention three measures that have strengthened federalism in India. [5]

23. What are the effects of communalism on politics? [5]

24. Describe various sources of credit available in rural India. [5]

25. What do you mean by underemployment? Give three reasons for underemployment with examples. [5]

26. Locate and label the following on the given outline political map of India. [1]
(A) Place where the Congress session was held in 1927.
(B) Place where the Congress session was held in September, 1920.

27. Locate and label the following items on the map. [1]
(i) Dandi (ii) Kheda
CBSE Sample Papers for Final Board Exams Class 10 Social Science - Paper 5-27

28. Locate and label the following items on the map.
(i) An iron ore mine in Jharkhand
(ii) Mica mine in Andhra Pradesh
(iii) Nuclear Power Station, Kaiga.
CBSE Sample Papers for Final Board Exams Class 10 Social Science - Paper 5-28

Note : The following questions are for the Blind Candidates only, in lieu of Q. No. 26, 27, & 28.   [5]

(28.1) Where did Gandhiji break the Salt Law?
(28.2) In which year Mahatma Gandhi came to India from South Africa?
(28.3) Name the software technology park in Punjab.
(28.4) Name the state where the Rawat Bhata Nuclear Plant is located.
(28.5) At which place is a major iron and steel plant located in Tamil Nadu?

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