CBSE Sample Papers for Final Board Exams Class 10 Social Science – Paper 6

(For Annual Board Examinations to be held in and after March 2018 and onwards)
Based on the latest syllabus and design of the Question Paper released by the C.B.S.E., New Delhi.

Strictly based on the Remodelled Scheme of Assessment, the Latest Syllabus and Design of the Question Paper released by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi effective from academic year 2017-18.

 MODEL TEST PAPER 6 (Unsolved)

1.A Who was he chief architect of the unification of Germany? [1]


1.B According to Paul Bernard what were the barriers to economic growth in Vietnam?

2.A Who was Giuseppe Garibaldi? [1]


2.B Who was Phan Boi Chau?

3. Define water scarcity. [1]

4. Name any two Rabi crops. [1]

5. Name the oldest oil refinery in India. [1]

6. What is the moral reason for power sharing? [1]

7. Which agency develops standards for goods and services?                                                                                                           [1]

8.A How did the Balkan region become a source of nationalist tension in Europe after 1871? Explain in three points.                     [3]


8.B Explain any three objectives of the Vietnamese students of ‘Go East Movement’? (1919)? Explain any three reasons.   [3]

9. Why do we need to conserve our mineral resources? Explain any three methods of conservation of minerals.   [3]

10. Why is iron and steel industry termed as basic industry? [3]

11. What are Golden Quadrilateral Super Highways? Mention any two objectives of this project.

12. The North-South and East-West corridors join which terminal cities?                     [3]

13. Explain any three features of democracy.                                 [3]

14. Mention the factors which led to the rise of political parties.               [3]

15. Explain any three features that are common in all democratic set-ups     of the                   [3]

16. Why should credit at reasonable rates be available to     all? Describe any three                             [3]

17. Explain the term ‘trade barrier.’ Give example. [3]

18. How are the logos ISI, Agmark or Hallmark helpful to consumers? Explain. [3]

19.A Describe any five factors that led to the end of the Bretton Woods System and the beginning of globalization.   [5]


19.B Why could Manchester never recapture its old position in the Indian market after the First World War? Explain.


19.C “City development occurred everywhere at the expense of ecology and environment”. Substantiate your answer with suitable examples.

20.A Explain with examples the impact of print culture on Indian woman. [5]


20.B How did novels produce a sense of Pan-Indian belonging? Explain with examples.

21. Define plantation agriculture. Explain any four characteristics of plantation agriculture. [5]

22. Highlight the steps taken by Government of India towards making it a successful federation. [5]

23. “It is not politics that gets caste ridden but it is the caste that gets politicised.”How far the statement is correct or incorrect, explain.   [5]

24. Define the term ‘Unorganised Sector.’ Mention any six disadvantages of working in this sector. [5]

25. How can workers in the unorganized sector be protected? Explain. [5]

26. Locate and label the following on the given outline political map of India. [1]
(i) Ahmedabad (ii) Chauri-Chaura

27. Locate and label the following items on the map. [1]
(i) The place of peasants satyagraha in Gujarat,
(ii) The place where salt satyagraha ended.
CBSE Sample Papers for Final Board Exams Class 10 Social Science - Paper 6-27

28. Locate and label the following items on the map.
(i) Marmagao port.
(ii) Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.
(iii) Narora Nuclear Power Station.
CBSE Sample Papers for Final Board Exams Class 10 Social Science - Paper 6-28

Note : The following questions are for the Blind Candidates only, in lieu of Q. No. 26, 27, & 28. [5]

(28.1) Who led the Bardoli Satyagraha?
(28.2) In which year Non-Cooperation Movement was started?
(28.3) Name the western terminal station of East-West corridor.
(28.4) In which state is NOIDA located?
(28.5) Name a seaport in Andhra Pradesh.

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