CBSE Sample Papers for Final Board Exams Class 10 Social Science – Paper 8

(For Annual Board Examinations to be held in and after March 2018 and onwards)
Based on the latest syllabus and design of the Question Paper released by the C.B.S.E., New Delhi.

Strictly based on the Remodelled Scheme of Assessment, the Latest Syllabus and Design of the Question Paper released by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi effective from academic year 2017-18.

 MODEL TEST PAPER 8 (Unsolved)

1.A When and by which treaty Greece was recognized as an independent nation? [1]


1.B In which part of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh and the Communists established their power after the split of Vietnam?

2.A Out of the seven states of Italy, which one was ruled by an Italian princely house? [1]


2.B Name the Hollywood movie which supported the US-Vietnam war.

3. What is soil erosion? [1]

4. Which river is called the ‘Sorrow of Bengal’? [1]

5. What is Blue Revolution? [1]

6. Give one reason why democracy is considered a better form of government. [1]

7. Which standard certification is issued to industries? [1]

8.A What does the term ‘Liberalism’ mean? What did it mean to different classes and people? [3]


8.B Explain any three conditions of the contract on the basis of which indentured Vietnamese labour worked.

9. What was the impact of the First World War on the economic conditions in India? [3]

10. Explain three factors that make minerals extraction viable. [3]

11. Explain any three factors that influence the location of an industry. [3]

12. What are the advantages of waterways as a means of transport? Mention the names of three national waterways in India.               [3]

13. Why do we need a political party? [3]

14. What are the characteristics of a political party? [3]

15. How does a democracy produce an accountable, responsive and legitimate government? [3]

16. What was the need of SHGs in rural areas? [3]

17. In what ways has competition affected workers, Indian exporters and foreign MNC in the garment industry?       [3]

18. How has liberalization of trade and investment policies helped the globalization process? [3]

19.A Explain the effects of the Great Depression of 1929 on the Indian economy. [5]


19.B How did the hand loom cloth production expand steadily in the twentieth century? Explain.


19.C Explain any five sources of entertainment which came up in the 19th century in England to provide leisure activities.

20.A How did print encourage the reading of religious texts among the Hindus? Explain. [5]


20.B How did novels in British India help colonial administrators and Indians both? Explain.

21. Explain ‘Energy saved is energy produced’. Justify the statement by giving four measures to conserve the energy resources.         [5]

22. Analyse the consequences of the Act passed in Sri Lanka in 1956 to establish Sinhala supremacy. [5]

23. What factors have brought about a change in the Indian caste system in modem times? Explain. [5]

24. The earth has enough resources to meet the needs of all but not enough to satisfy the greed of even one person.”How is this statement relevant to the discussion of development? Explain. [5]

25. Differentiate between underemployment and disguised unemployment with the help of examples. [5]

26. Locate and label the following on the given political outline map of India. [1]
(A) Champaran
(B) Nagpur

27. Locate and label the following items on the map. [1]
(i) The place where Sardar Patel led a Satyagraha for the farmers.
(ii) The place where Civil Disobedience Movement started.
CBSE Sample Papers for Final Board Exams Class 10 Social Science - Paper 8-27

28. Locate and label the following items on the map. [3]
(i) Raniganj coal fields
(ii) Bokaro Steel Plant
(iii) Visakhapatnam Port.
CBSE Sample Papers for Final Board Exams Class 10 Social Science - Paper 8-28
Note : The following questions are for the Blind Candidates only, in lieu of Q. No. 26, 27, & 28.                     [5]
(28.1) Name the place where Indian National Congress session was held in 1927.
(28.2) Which is the place where Noncooperation Movement was called off?
(28.3) Name the nuclear plant located in Tamil Nadu.
(28.4) Name the iron and steel plant located in Odisha.
(28.5) Name a major seaport located on the Western coast of India.

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