CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 SA2 Social Science Solved 2016 Set 4

1.What was Romanticism?
What was the civilising mission of the French in Vietnam?
2.What are conventional sources of energy?
3.What is ‘Single Issue Movement’?
4.What are ‘political parties’?
5.Why is democracy considered as the better form of government?
6.State one important feature of barter system.
7.What is a multinational company?
8.Name two items that should have ISI logo on them.
9.Explain any three features of the class of landed aristocracy of Europe.
Explain the contribution made by the French in the development of agriculture in Vietnam.
10.Mention three main proposals with reference to Non-cooperation Movement, as suggested by Mahatma Gandhi.
11.Mention any three efforts made by Gandhiji to uplift the Harijans.
12.How is solar energy becoming popular in rural and remote areas of India? Explain.
13.How do industries pollute the environment? Explain with three examples.
14.Describe any three major problems faced by road transportation in India.
15.Describe any three functions of a political party.
16.How is democracy superior to any other form of government?
17.What does the term BAMCEF signify? Mention its two objectives.
18.Describe any three advantages of ‘Self Help Groups’ for the poor.
19.Explain any three advantages of globalisation.
20.Producers exploit the consumers in the market place with variety of methods. What are the methods they generally use to do so? What values do they ignore in doing so?
21.Explain the revolutionary reforms incorporated by Napoleon in France and in his conquered territories.
Evaluate the role of Vietnamese women during 1960s war period and after the war in peace time.
22.Explain the reasons for the lukewarm response of some Muslim organisations to the Civil Disobedience Movement.
23.Explain any five measures to control air pollution created by industries in India.
24.How have roadways an edge over railways in India? Explain five facts.
25.What was the popular struggle against privatisation of water in Bolivia?
26.Examine the political outcomes of democracy.
27.What do you mean by Terms of Credit? Explain any four terms of credit with examples.
28.List the salient features of Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
29.On the outline political map of India locate and label the following:
(i)      Place associated with Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy.
(ii)      Place associated with calling off of Non-Cooperation Movement.
(iii)      Place associated with Salt March by Gandhiji.
30.Three features A, B, and C are marked on the given political map of India. Identify these features with the help of the information provided and write their correct name on the lines marked on the map.
A.      Thermal Power Plant
B.      Iron and Steel Industry
C.      A major seaport

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