CBSE Sample Papers for Final Board Exams Class 9 Communicative English – Paper 2

(For Annual Examination to be held in and after March 2018 and onwards) Based on the latest syllabi and Design of the Question Paper released by the C.B.S.E New Delhi

Strictly based on the Latest Scheme Of Assessement, the latest Syllabus and Design of the Question paper released by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi effective from academic year 2017-18.


SECTION A : READING                                                                                               (20 MARKS)

Question 1:
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :       [8]
Chocolate diamonds are actually brown diamonds and compared to the well-known white diamonds they aren’t worth much. Diamonds are produced in mines. The best known diamond mines are in Australia, South Africa and Russia. The largest diamond mine was discovered in 1976 in the desert of Australia near a little creek named Lake Argyle. Diamonds are created under very extreme conditions of pressure and high temperature. It is a general misunderstanding that there exist only white colourless diamonds. Actually, diamonds exist in many different colours.
Of all the diamond mines in the world almost 80% of all diamonds produced are brownish in colour. Because they were found in such large quantities compared to the other coloured diamonds, they were considered as low valued diamonds only good for the industrial sector. But a famous man called Le Vian came with a marketing campaign to increase the popularity of the chocolate diamond. Instead of calling it a brown diamond, he gave it popular names like caramel, chocolate, cinnamon and cognac. Since his marketing campaign, chocolate diamonds are becoming very popular.
The value of a diamond is based on its shape, brightness and colour. Because white diamonds are rare, their value is based on the fact that there are not many white diamonds around. But if you look at the shape and brightness, then the brightest diamond in the world known to man is a brown diamond. Before the development of the Argyle diamond mine in Australia in 1986, most brown diamonds were considered worthless for jewellery; they were even not assessed on the diamond colour scale, and were predominantly used for industrial purposes. However, marketing strategies changed in the 1980s and brown diamonds became popular gems. The change was mostly due to supply: the Argyle mine, with its 35 million carats (7,000 kg) of diamonds per year, makes about one third of global production of natural diamonds; 80% of Argyle diamonds are brown. The percentage of brown diamonds is lower in other mines, but it is almost always a significant part of the total production. Consequently, scientific research has intensified on causes of brown colour in diamonds and ways to alter them.
(a) What is the wrong notion about diamonds? [1]
(b) Why were brown diamonds considered low in value? [1]
(c) How did brown diamonds become popular? [1]
(d) On what factor is the value of a diamond based? [1]
(e) Why are white diamonds rare? [1]
(f) What popular names are given to brown diamonds by Le Vian?       [1]
(g) Based on shape and brightness, which is the brightest diamond known to mankind? [1]
(h) In what conditions are diamonds created? [1]

Question 2:
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :     [12]
There was a time when our hills, mountains and even plains were covered with huge forests. As the population grew, trees were cut down to meet the demand for fuel and timber. Thus our wonderful forests came to be destroyed. Now we don’t have enough trees to give us firewood even. So, people are forced to burn cattle-dung. which ought to be saved for use as manure. Cattle-dung is very necessary to maintain the fertility of soil. Chemical fertilisers alone can’t help. In many areas where only chemical fertilisers are used, the crop yields have started falling.
There is another grave danger. Now we don’t have enough trees to treat all the carbon-dioxide that is being produced in our homes, factories and by our automobiles. The air remains polluted and it can give us a number of serious diseases.
Trees are man s best friends. They are God s greatest gift to man. They are the invaluable wealth of a nation. It is our sacred duty to protect them and look after them well. An average size tree creates sufficient oxygen in one year to provide oxygen for a family of four. Planting trees is important, is evident as they are the natural habitat of the animals and birds, as well as many endangered species. There are still too few of them to fully offset the change brought about by global warming. Automobile traffic, manufacturing and other human activities are playing havoc with our environment. Reduce global warming simply by planting trees for the environment. It is the need of the hour if we want to save our planet. Trees not only remove harmful chemicals from the soil, but also help reduce the
(a) How have we destroyed our wonderful forests?     [2]
(b) Explain why crop fields are falling. [2]
(c) The impure air can give us a number of serious diseases. How? [2]
(d) Explain what the writer feels is the “Need of the hour”. [2]
(e) What is meant by ‘endangered’? (Para 3)       [1]
(f) What is meant by ‘havoc’? (Para 4) [1]
(g) Find the word opposite in meaning to ‘increase’. (Para 4) [1]
(h) Find the word opposite in meaning to ‘worthless’. (Para 3) [1]

SECTION B : WRITING AND GRAMMAR                                                                                 (30 MARKS)

Question 3:
A teacher motivates and inspires her students. Taking ideas from the following visual, write an article in about 100-120 words talking about the role and importance of teacher in our lives.[8]

Question 4:
Develop a short story in about 200-250 words on the basis of the following hints and give it a suitable title. [12]
An unknown village in Uttarakhand — many families inhabiting it — livelihood depends on Indian Tourism — Natural Disaster of 2013 — the river in flood — life of tourists and residents in danger — Governmental intervention for relief and rescue — dreams, hopes and reality all shattered.

Question 5:
Complete the following passage by choosing the appropriate option from the ones given below. Write your answer in the answer sheet against the correct blank number. Do not copy the entire passage. [3]
Birbal was one of the nine gems (a)_________ Akbar’s court. He (b)_______ very intelligent. People still enjoy (c)__________ his stories.

Question 6:
There is an error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction in the answer sheet as given below : [4]

Question 7:
Rearrange the following words and phrases to make meaningful sentences.         [3]
(a) their / rewards / humans / equitably / share / with others / do
(b) comes / naturally / it / to / children / involves / it / when / collaborative work
(c) are / they / less inclined / it / when / does not / collective action / involve


Question 8:
Read one of the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow :   [4]
Those who saw it said the dog knew instantly. He never jumped on Chuck again. From that moment,
he took up a post beside his master s bed around the clock.
(a) What was it that the dog knew instantly?
(b) What was the name of the dog?
(c) What had happened to the master?
(d) How does Duke show his devotion and loyalty to his master-Hooper?


I am beautiful pearls, plucked from the
Crown of Ishter by the daughter of Dawn
To embellish the gardens.
(a) Who does ‘I’ refer to in these lines?
(b) What does ‘I’ compare itself to?
(c) What is meant by the phrase ‘to embellish the gardens?
(d) What is meant by ‘the crown of Ishter’?

Question 9:
Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words :   [2×4=8]
(a) Why was money of no use to the grandmother in ‘How I Taught my Grandmother to Read’?
(b) How did John’s first meeting with Jessie’s father go?
(c) The final stanza in the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ starts with a sigh. Why?
(d) Do you think the punishment given to the convict was just?

Question 10:
Answer one of the following questions in about 100-120 words :         [8]
The story ‘Best Seller’ brings out the sharp contrast in what we say and what we actually do. With reference to Pescud, bring out the truth of this statement. Do you think people like Pescud are hypocrites?


“Suffer? (puzzled) suffered? My God, yes. (Drinks) but that’s a long time ago. Ha! ha! That was when I was a man.”These words of the convict reveal a lot about him. Describe the story the convict tells and give your views about the punishment he suffered. What are your feelings for him at this stage?

Question 11:
Answer one of the following questions in about 150-200 words :     [10]
Glumdalclitch took certain precautions to keep Gulliver safe during the travels with her father. Mention some of the precautions taken by her.


Comment on the character of Abraham Pannell, commander of the ship.


Art treasures of today are the dug-up common places of yesteryears. Elaborate the observation.


What kind of trouble does Harris’ boastful nature land him into. Describe it vividly.

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