CBSE Class 11 Syllabus for IT Application


Time: 2.5 Hours Marks: 50

Computer Organization & OS: User perspective.

  • Understanding of Hardware.
  • Basics of Operating System.

Networking and Internet.

  • Network Safety concerns.
  • Network Security tools and services.
  • Cyber Security .
  • Safe practices on Social networking.

Office automation tools.

  • Spreadsheet.
  • Word processing.
  • Presentation.

Multi Media Design: (Open Source Design Tools).

  • Interface and Drawing Tools in GIMP.
  • Applying Filters.
  • Creating and handling multiple layers.
  • Using Stamping and Smudging tools.
  • Importing pictures.

Troubleshooting: Hardware, Software and Networking.

  • Commonly encountered problems.
  • (Monitor: No display, KB/Mouse not responding, monitor giving beeps, printer not responding, check for virus, delete temporary files if system is slow, adjust mouse speed).

Work Integrated Learning IT – ISM

  • Identification of Work Areas.
  • Work Experience.


Time: 2.5 Hours Marks: 50

Programs / Practical Questions.

1.Spreadsheets, Word, Presentation (10 Marks).

2.Multimedia Design (10 Marks).

3.Troubleshooting (5 Marks).

4.Project / Practical File 10

5.Viva Voce 10



Time: 2.5 Hours Marks: 50

Multimedia Authoring- Animation Tools.

  • Animation Concepts.
  • Frames and Layers.
  • Motion and Shape, Tweening.
  • Importing AV Files.
  • Publishing.

Digital Content Creation- Adding Styles to Web Pages (CSS).

  • Review of HTML.
  • Adding Style Sheets.
  • External style sheets.
  • CSS Properties – border, box, font, margin, padding.
  • CSS classes.

Web Scripting- JavaScript.

  • Creating interactive Web Pages with scripts.
  • Variables and Operators.
  • Decision making using if and switch.
  • Iterations – loops.
  • Window Object.
  • Location Object.
  • History Object.
  • Popup Boxes – alert, confirm.

Work Integrated Learning IT – WA-I.

  • Identification of Work Areas.
  • Work Experience.


Time: 2.5 Hours Marks: 50

Programs / Practical Questions.

1.Animation Tools (15 Marks).

2.HTML (10 Marks).

3.Web Scripting – Java Script (5 Marks).

4.Project / Practical File 10

5. Viva Voce 10

List of Equipments and Software


a) Computers : 25

b) Printers : 2

2.Internet Connection


(a) Microsoft Office / Open Office

(i) Word Processing

(ii) Spread Sheet

(iii) Digital Presentation

(iv) MS Access

(b) Internet Browser

(c) Java SDK

(d) Database Software

(e) Movie editing tools

4.UPS/ Power Backup

5.Storage Media (Pen Drive / CDs)

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