CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Paper With Solutions Set 16

[Time Allowed : 3 hrs.]                                                                                            [Max. Marks : 70]
Questions 1-7 (1 Mark), 8-13 (3 Marks), 14-20 (5 Marks), 21 and 22 (Map Question-5 Marks each)

Q.1.Write down the name of the model of Collective farming?

Q.2. Define population composition.

Q.3. What is Slave trade.

Q.4. Write two components of Growth rate.

Q.5. How Dharavi is direct proportion to the role it serves in the creation of the wealth of Bombay (Now Mumbai).

Q.6. Why northern and north eastern India are not having any metropolitan city? Give any one reason.

Q7. Write any two diseases caused by water pollution.

Q.8.Indian railway brought people of diverse cultures together to contribute to India’s freedom struggle. What kind of value it shows.

Q.9. Explain any three problems caused by Urban Waste disposal in India.

Q.10. Describe any three differences between Low Order Services and High Order Services.

Q.11. Name the trans-continental railway line in Russia. Name its both terminal stations. Write down any two main features of this trans-continental railway.

Q.12. Classify the types of Indian town as per their evolution.

Q.13.’Material progress cannot come at the cost of happiness’. Justify the statement.

Q.14. Define the term Gathering. Mention the two major areas of gathering. Write any two reasons responsible for its decline.

Q.15. Describe any five historical perspectives of International Trade.

Q.16. What are the basis of classification of Urban settlements.

Q.17. What are the economic consequences of migration?

Q.18. ‘The depleting water resources may lead to social conflicts and disputes’. Elaborate the statement with suitable examples.

Q.19. Study the data below and answer the following questions:
19.1 Why are the agricultur e and allied products declining continuously after 1997-98?
19.2 Why has the export of manufacturing goods started decreasing?

Q.20. Describe any five measures for the promotion of sustainable development.

Q.21. On the given outline map of the World, following five features are shown. Identify these features and write their correct names on the lines rparked near each feature.
(i)Terminal station of Australia trans-continental railway.
(ii)Mega city.
(iii)A major airport.
(iv)A major seaport.
(v)An area of subsistence gathering.

Q.22. On the political outline map of India, locate and label the following with appropriate symbols:
(i)The.oil refinery of private undertaking.
(ii)Metropolitan city of Haryana.
(iii)Iron and steel industry of West Bengal.
(iv)The state having the smallest area.
(v)Coffee producing areas