CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Paper With Solutions Set 19

[Time Allowed : 3 hrs.]                                                                                               [Max. Marks : 70]
Questions 1-7 (1 Mark), 8-13 (3 Marks), 14-20 (5 Marks), 21 and 22 (Map Question-5 Marks each)

Q.1.What is the world’s total urban population?

Q.2.Name the world’s longest pipeline transport.

Q.3.Define regional and sectoral planning.

Q.4.How Ralegan Siddhi is a small village in the district of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. It has become an example of watershed development throughout the country.

Q.5.Name the highest HDI ranking state in India.

Q.6.Name the sea port of West Coast opened just after independence, to reduce congestion of Mumbai sea port.

Q.7.What is urban agglomeration?

Q.8.Explain three main recent approaches to the study of human geography.

Q.9.Describe economic consequences of migration.

Q.10.See the following data carefully and answer the questions that follows:
10.1 Which river basin has the highest replenishable ground water resource?
10.2 Which river basin has the highest level of ground water utilization?
10.3 Mention any two reasons responsible for the highest level of ground water utilization.

Q.11. The social relation in the rural settlement is more intimate, whereas it is more complex and fast. What kind of values exhibited by the rural settlements.

Q.12. Define barter system. Explain how the problem of the barter systems was overcome during olden days.

Q.13.How is Gross National Happiness a tool to measure country’s progress? What kind of value ‘ does it reveals?

Q.14. What is Human Development? Explain four approaches of human development.

Q.15. Explain why cotton industries decentralized from Europe to South and South-east Asia after second world war.

Q.16. Describe the five main types of settlement patterns on the basis of their forms and shapes?

Q.17. Why seaports are said to be the gateways of international trade? Justify your answer with suitable examples.

Q.18. What is composition of population? State two main features each of rural population composition and urban population composition of India?

Q.19. What is migration. Write down four consequences of migration?

Q.20. Discuss the important features of plantation agriculture. Name few important plantation crops from different countries.

Q.21. On the given outline map of the World, following five features are shown.
Identify these features and write their correct names on the lines marked near each feature:
(i)Major Airport of England
(ii) Mega City of Japan
(iii) Major Seaport of USA
(iv) Largest country in area wise in Europe
(v) Areas of Commercial livestock Rearing

Q.22. In the political outline map of India, locate and label the following with appropriate symbols:
(i)Tamil speaking state
(ii)Iron and steel Industry of Chhathisgarh
(iii)Ragi producing states
(iv)Longest Pipeline
(v)Nuclear power station of Uttar Pradesh