CBSE Notes for Class 12 History

  1. Bricks, Beads and Bones The Harappan Civilisation
  2. Kings, Farmers and Towns Early States and Economies
  3. Kinship, Caste and Class Early Societies
  4. Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings Cultural Developments
  5. Through the Eyes of Travellers Perceptions of Society
  6. Bhakti-Sufi Traditions Changes in Religious Beliefs and Devotional Texts
  7. An Imperial Capital: Vijayanagara
  8. Peasants, Zamindars and the State Agrarian Society and the Mughal Empire
  9. Kings and Chronicles The Mughal Courts
  10. Colonialism and the Countryside: Exploring Official Archives
  11. Rebels and the Raj The Revolt of 1857 and its Representations
  12. Colonial Cities Urbanisation, Planning and Architecture
  13. Mahatma Gandhi and the Nationalist Movement Civil Disobedience and Beyond
  14. Understanding Partition Politics, Memories, Experiences
  15. Framing the Constitution The Beginning of a New Era