CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English  SA2 Delhi – 2012

Time allowed: 3 hours                                                                                               Maximum marks: 70
The Question Paper is divided into three Sections:
Section A – Reading 20 Marks
Section B Writing & Grammar 25 Marks
Section C – Literature 25 Marks
General Instructions:

  1.  All questions are compulsory.
  2.  You may attempt any Section at a time.
  3. All questions of that particular Section must be attempted in the correct order.


Question.1. Read the following passage carefully.  
1. A couple of weeks ago, while detailing the many ways in which coping with the bleak economy can actually better our lives, I touched upon the romance of train travel and suggested that we would do well to introduce our children to its charms.
I have to confess that I was surprised by the kind of response this triggered from readers with stories to tell of their own rail adventures.
2. Browsing through them reminded me yet again why trains have such a special place in our lives. Well, perhaps not in the lives of a generation brought up on the dubious pleasure of cheap air travel.
3. I still vividly recall every detail of my first such excursion, taking a train from Sealdah station in Calcutta to visit my aunt’s tea garden in Assam. I settled down at my window seat and even before the train had pulled out, I was burrowing deep into the pleasures of Indian mythology.
4. But as the scene outside grew more rustic, even picturesque, my attention wandered to the marvellous moving display outside my window. There were gentle rolling fields, green and lush, more palm trees than I could count and endless expanse of bright blue sky.
5. Just then, a man entered my peripheral vision. Scythe in hand, he was intently cutting down some tall grass in the fields. “Oh look,” I cried out to my mother, “It’s a farmer, a real-life farmer!” A city- bred child, I hadn’t realized until then that farmers actually had an independent existence outside of my story books.
6. That wasn’t the only discovery I made in the course of that first train journey or the many others to follow. Gazing out of the train window as I travelled across the country, I was introduced to a new India that was far removed from the bland boundaries of my middle-class urban existence. And Mike to believe today that this made me more aware of the complexities of the society that we live in.

Question.1.1. On the basis of your reading of the above passage answer the following questions:
(a) Readers’ response to her suggestions made the writer realize ……………..
(b) The pleasure/joys of travelling by train would not be appreciated by ……………..
(c) The writer was lured away from the pleasures of Indian mythology when ………………
(d) The two discoveries made during the train journey were ……………
(i)……………. (ii) ……………..
(e) Travelling by train, enhanced the writer’s awareness of ………………
(f) While travelling by train, the writer’s time was spent
(i)………….. (ii) …………..
Answer.(a) the reason why trains have such a special place in our lives.
(b) a generation brought up oh the dubious pleasures of cheap air travel.
(c) the scene outside grew more rustic, even picturesque.
(d) (i) Farmers had an independent existence outside story books.
(ii) Introduction to a new India that was far removed from the bland boundaries of middle-class urban existence.
(e) the complexities of the society that we live in.
(f) (i) reading books on mythology. (ii) appreciating the rustic picturesque scene outside.

Question.2. Read the following passage carefully:  
1. Although everybody has a creative spark, the potential is not always fully utilised. How does one recognize those who are developing their creative energies to the fullest? Mad painters and tormented poets are only comic stereotypes of the creative personality. The essential traits of creativity are found among a wide variety of less conspicuous creators, people in all walks of life. Unfortunately, the structure of our social and educational environment does not always promote its growth.
2. Generally speaking, creative people often believe their purpose in life is to discover and implement the interrelatedness of things, to make order out of disorder. They also see problems where others see none and question the validity of even the most widely accepted answers. Creative persons are compulsive problem seekers, not so much because they thrive on problems, but because their senses are attuned to a world that demands to be put together, like a jigsaw puzzle scattered on a table.
3. Several tests now in use reveal that highly creative people are much more open and receptive to the complexities of experience than are less creative people. The creative temperament has a tendency to break problems down into their most basic elements and then reconstruct them iijto whole new problems, thereby discovering new relationships and new solutions.
4. Highly creative people aren’t afraid to ask what may seem to be naive or silly questions. They ask questions like, “why don’t spiders get tangled up in their own webs?” and “why do dogs turn in circles before lying down?”. Such questions may seem childlike, and in a way they are. Children have not yet had their innate creative energies channelled into culturally acceptable directions and can give full rein to their curiosity—the absolute prerequisite for full creative functioning, in both children and adults.
5. Unlike children, creative people appear to have vast stores of patience to draw upon. Months, years, even decades can be devoted to a single problem.
6. The home that encourages inquisitiveness contributes to creative development. The
teacher who stresses questions rather than answers and rewards curiosity rather than restricting is teaching a child to be creative.
7. To be extremely intelligent is not the same as to be gifted in creative work. Tire Quiz Kids are often referred to as geniuses. They would undoubtedly score high in memory functions But it is doubtful whether they are also fluent in producing ideas.
8. Contrary to popular myths that glorify youth, more creative achievements are likely to occur when people grow older. While memory may falter with age, creativity is ageless.

Question.2.1. On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer the following questions briefly:  
(a) Why is every person not able to use his/her creativity fully?
(b) Write any two traits of creative people that you get to know from the passage.
(c) What are the most essential prerequisites for full creative functioning in children and adults?
(d) What kind of homes and teachers promote creativity among children?
Answer.(a) Every person has a creative spark but his/her potential is not always fully utilised.
The structure of our social and educational environment does not promote the growth of creativity.
(b) (i) They believe their purpose in life is to discover and implement the interrelatedness of things.
(ii) They question the validity of even the most widely accepted answers of problems.
(c) For full creative functioning one must not be afraid to ask what may seem like childlike questions but are an important prerequisite for full creativity.
(d) A home that encourages inquisitiveness contributes to creative development. A teacher who stresses questions rather than restricting promotes creativity among children.

Question.2.2. Choose the most appropriate meaning of the given word from the options provided:  
(a) The word ‘conspicuous’ means
(i) notify   (ii) noticeable    (iii) missing         (iv) conspiracy
(b) The word ‘innate’ means
(i) fake    (ii) inherent        (iii) natural and instinctive          (iv) obvious
(c) The word ‘naive’ means
(i) immature          (ii) simple and innocent    (iii) childish     (iv) very mature
(d) The word ‘fluent’ means
(i) to be able to express oneself articulately (ii) to be able to work efficiently  (iii) to be a good orator  (iv) to be able to speak well
Answer.(a) (ii) noticeable (b) (iii) natural and instinctive
(c) (ii) simple and innocent (d) (i) to be able to express oneself articulately

Question.3. You happened to overhear a conversation:
Rahul : Where have you planned to go during the summer holidays?
Jeevan : I wish I could go boating on Dal Lake.
Rahul : Is it safe to go to Kashmir now? Don’t you hear a lot about terrorism in the newspapers?
You are the newly appointed Tourism Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir. On hearing this dialogue you decide to write a letter in about 100-120 words to the Tourism Minister on how you propose to bring more tourists to the state. 5
You are Arpita or Ashwin. You came across the following extract in a magazine. 5
After reading this extract you realized that awareness has to be created among the people on the need for health care and the consequences of a sedentary life. Taking ideas from the unit on ‘Health and Medicine’ along with your own ideas, write an article for your school magazine in 100-120 words.
Secretary of Tourism Jammu & Kashmir
25th February, 20xx
Minister of Tourism Jammu & Kashmir
Subject: Proposal to bring more tourists to the state Sir
After taking up the office of Tourism Secretary my topmost priority is to establish our state as a solid travel destination and increase tourism inflow. I intend to take up immediate steps to make our state more hospitable to Indian as well as foreign travellers. Tourism in Kashmir suffered a major setback since terrorist unrest began in the valley in the early 1990s. But now our valley has returned to normalcy and so we have to take up all possible efforts to bring in more tourists to the state.
We intend to initiate various schemes for the revival and development of tourism. Soft loans will be made available for reactivating tourism units in the private sector such as houseboats. We also intend to set-up a Website on the internet for disseminating information about the handicrafts, local culture, traditions and everything else about Jammu & Kashmir as a tourist destination.
.Other efforts would include maintaining clean surroundings, availability of good hotels with international food, proper security to curb violence and terrorism.
By initiating these steps we are sure to bring more tourists to the state and look forward to your cooperation and guidance for our endeavour.
Yours Sincerely XYZ
Tourism Secretary
Health is Wealth
The saying ‘Health is Wealth’ is as old as it is true. The need of the present times is to take constant care of our health and realize and understand the adverse consequences of leading a sedentary life style.
It is indeed shocking that a good percentage of people in our country suffer from what are now termed to be life-style diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Our sedentary way of life has made us inactive which in turn leads to obesity. An obese person becomes an easy victim to diseases like hypertension, diabetes and heart problems. It is alarming to note that if urgent action is not taken to fortify and supplement our food with proper exercise, we will soon become a nation of ‘underachievers’. A recently released report also says that many people of our country also suffer from shocking vitamin and mineral deficiency. As another age-old saying goes—’a healthy mind is a healthy body’. Unless we are physically fit we cannot be mentally active. We should give up this sedentary life-style so as to vitalise our mental capabilities and faculties.
It is now high time we took concrete action towards improving our health and life-style so as to become fit both physically as well as mentally.

Question.4. Develop the following into a short story in about 150-200 words:
One night as I was returning back from work, I saw a thief breaking into my neighbour’s house. Instead of raising an alarm, I decided 10
Develop the following outline into a short story in about 150-200 words:
An old lady on road—a biker with a pillion-rider—pulls her gold chain—chased by a young man—chain snatchers caught—beaten and handed over to the police.
Answer.  One night as I was returning back from work, I saw a thief breaking into my neighbour’s house. Instead of raising an alarm, I decided to not let go of the opportunity to showcase my bravery and made a plan to catch the thief red-handed. I first went to the garden to see if there was any gardening equipment lying around which I could use as a weapon to protect myself. I armed myself with a digging spade and entered the house through the window and moved very quietly towards the bedroom door. The corridor was pitch dark and I could not see or hear anything. As 1 approached the door, it suddenly opened from the other side. I heard a man’s angry’ voice asking me ‘What are you doing inside my house?’ I then realized that I had made a big mistake. The person who I bad mistaken to be the thief was no one but my neighbour, ‘Mr Sharma,’ himself. On hearing about my intention to catch the non-existent robber single handedly Mr Sharma thanked me for my act of bravery and also wramed me against such acts in future.
An old lady was walking on the road carrying a heavy basket full of vegetables. The road was deserted at this time of the evening. Suddenly a bike with two men wearing black helmets passed by her side. On seeing that the road was empty and the old lady was unaccompanied, the biker and his friend become greedy and thought of a plan to rob the old woman. The biker closed in on the lady and the pillion rider pulled her gold chain. The poor woman lost her balance and fell down. Hearing the old lady’s cries, a young man rushed to help her. He chased the chain snatchers in his car and caught up with their bike. He stopped them with great difficulty. The chain snatchers were finally caught with the help of a couple of other people. The chain was handed back to the thankful old lady. The chain snatchers were given a sound beating and thereafter handed over to the police. The kind young man even took the old lady to a doctor to get first aid as she had scratched her arm and later even dropped her home.

Question.5. Choose the appropriate options from the ones given below to complete the following passage. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank numbers. 3 Anaesthesia is vital (a)…………. surgery today. The one that only numbs the area to be operated upon is known as local anaesthesia. The one that makes the patient unconscious, (b) …………… the surgery is over, is general anaesthesia. When anaesthesia (c) …………….. administered, vital signs are monitored (d) ……………. ensure that the correct amount of anaesthesia is given. (e) ……………. anaesthesia became widely used, many physicians began devoting (f)………….. of their time to just administering anaesthesia.
(a) (i) in             (ii) on           (iii) for          (iv) to
(b) (i) until        (ii) after      (iii) before     (iv) when
(c) (i) can           (ii) is            (iii) was       (iv) has
(d) (i) through  (ii) and       (iii) for          (iv) to
(e) (i) However (ii) Though (iii) Once    (iv) Knowing
(f) (i) all             (ii) many    (iii) much     (iv) few
Answer. (a) (iii) for    (b) (i) until      (c) (ii) is
(d)(iv) to      (e) (iii) Once       (f) (iii) much

Question.6. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Identify the error in each line and write it along with the word that comes before and after in your answer-sheet. Underline the correct word supplied by you. The first one has been done for you as an example.
My uncle Peter lived on a huge house near the beach.            eg.  lived      in            a
I usually spent our vacations there with him.                             (a)   _           _             _
It was a pleasure to woke up to the sound of the waves.          (b)   _             _            _
The sea breeze blew even during these summer months.        (c)   _               _           _
The only disadvantage was what the house was susceptible   (d)   _              _         _
to hurricanes during the rainy season. Last years when I was (e)   _              _         _
stayed in his place, the news came that a hurricanes was        (f)   _              _           _
expected in two days. The hurricane arrival sooner than       (g)   _               _         _  
expected. It lasted three days and we spend most of the        (h)   _               _        _
time in the room
Answer. (a) spent  my  vacations     (b) to   wake   up
(c) during   those  summer     (d) was   that   the
(e) Last  year  when         (f) was  staying   in
(g) hurricane  arrived  sooner      (h) we  spent  most

Question.7. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done for you. 3
on television / a few / appeared / days ago / an advertisement /
An advertisement appeared on television a few days ago.
(a) of children / a window / it showed” / a group / through / staring out /
(b) he had brought / a cartoon character / with a toy / for them / surprised them /
(c) motorised train set / could move / it was a huge / which / in circles /
Answer.(a) It showed a group of children staring out through a window.
(b) A cartoon character surprised them with a toy he had brought for them.
(c) It was a huge motorised train set which could move in circles.

Question.8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.  
And so, I missed my chance with one of the lords Of life,
And I have something to expiate A pettiness
(a) The poet misses the chance to
(b) The ‘pettiness’ the poet refers to here is
(c) The word in the above lines which means the same as ‘to make amends’ is
Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,
That I am meek and gentle with these butchers!
(a) What is the ‘bleeding piece* of earth’ referred to here?
(b) Why was Antony ‘meek and gentle’?
(c) Who are the butchers mentioned here?
Answer.(a) honour the snake
(b) his act of throwing a log at the snake
(c) expiate
(a) The ‘bleeding piece of earth’ referred to here is ‘the corpse of Caesar’.
(b) Antony was ‘meek and gentle’ because he did not want to displease the conspirators as it was more important to avenge Caesar’s death. He was being tactful and wanted to win the confidence of the conspirators.
(c) The butchers mentioned here are the conspirators who murdered Caesar.

Question.9. Answer any four of the following in 30-40 words each.  
(a) What news about Sebastian Shultz did Michael see in the newspaper?
(b) How did the mariners escape from the South Pole?
(c) How did Brutus win the heart of the Roman mob?
(ii) What was the role offered to Patol Babu?
(e) Bring out the irony in the poem ‘Ozymandias’.
Answer.(a) The newspaper reported that Sebastian Shultz, a fourteen year old school boy had been seriously injured in a motorway accident six weeks ago. When he had arrived at the General Hospital his condition was described as critical though stable. Despite doctors’ hopes he had not regained consciousness and had slipped into a coma.
(b) An albatross came to the sailors rescue when their ship was stuck in the South Pole. They hailed the bird in God’s name considering it a good Christian soul. It hovered over the ship and as the ice berg split the helmsman was able to steer the ship through the gap and thus the mariners escaped from the land of ice and snow.
(c) Brutus, as a true patriot and much respected nobleman of Rome won the heart of the Roman mob by justifying that the)’ were forced to murder Caesar because they were opposed to dictatorship and in favour of liberty. He declared that Caesar was becoming an autocratic ruler who wanted to enslave the people of Rome, so he had to be killed to liberate the Romans from enslavement.
(d) Patol Babu was offered a small role in a film to be directed by Baren Mullick. The role was that of an absent-minded, short-tempered pedestrian in his fifties. His role was to collide with the hero on “the sidewalk and exclaim the word ‘oh’. His role was miniscule and not of any consequence to the storyline of the film.
(e) On the one hand Ozymandias tells the ‘mighty to despair’ because their achievements can never equal his own and on the other hand he also warns them not to get their hopes too high as their statues and political regimes will eventually be destroyed. There will be nothing to recall them but a dilapidated statue half-buried in the sand.

Question.10. Sebastian Shultz had a close brush with death due to the most unusual circumstances in the face of fast moving high-technology which is probably doing uS more harm than good.
Write a short article in about 80-100 words on the topic ‘Technological Advancement—A Threat.
Describe the events that led to the hanging of the dead albatross around the mariner’s neck. In view of these events, analyse how the ancient mariner’s shipmates were a bunch of fickle minded sailors.
Answer.Technological Advancement—A Threat
Technological advancement has taken place by leaps and bounds in today’s world. It is extremely difficult to determine whether technology is a blessing or a curse. There are people who feel it has improved the quality of our life and made it more comfortable. But we cannot forget that this technological advancement has created : various new problems that are posing a major threat to our very existence on earth.
The benefits we have obtained are nothing compared to the damage we have caused to our planet and well-being. The fact is that technology has laid an extensive burden on irreplaceable resources and though it has increased human potential, it has subsequently reduced human limits. We are depending too much on gadgets, even to do our thinking for us and have lost sight of the significance of the human bond. Technology was meant to serve us but unfortunately it has made us its slave.
The ship was caught in a ‘storm-blast’ that literally tossed the ship about in its fury and carried it by force to the extreme south, the land of mist and snow. After a few days the trapped sailors were visited by an albatross and along with this gentle bird favourable conditions followed. The ice berg split and the ship moved out of the mist and snow. The sailors considered the albatross as a good omen whose arrival had alleviated their misery. But the ancient mariner killed the albatross quite thoughtlessly. Soon thereafter the ship again got stuck in the middle of the silent sea. At first the mariners blessed the ancient mariner for shooting down the albatross as they felt that it had been responsible for bringing with it the fog and the mist. They felt it was right to kill such birds. Immediately, thereafter, they cursed the ancient mariner for killing the bird which had brought the favourable breeze with it. They now felt that the ancient mariner’s action would bring them great unhappiness and sorrow. These actions of the shipmates proved that they were a bunch of fickle-minded sailors.

Question.11A. ” I have a strong feeling that Peter and I are really not so different as we would appear to be … ” What reasons does Anne give for this? 10
Anne stands out as a girl who never loses her optimism and courage in spite of adverse circumstances. Describe by giving examples.
Answer.The reasons Anne gives for this statement is that both she and Peter lack a mother. His is too superficial, loves flirting and does not trouble much about what he thinks and though Anne’s mother does bother about her, she lacks sensitiveness and real motherliness. Peter and she both wrestle with their inner feelings, they are rather uncertain and really too sensitive to be roughly treated. If Anne is roughly treated her reaction is to get away from it, hide her feelings and throw her weight about the place. Peter also shuts himself up, hardly talks at all, becomes quiet, day dreams and in this way is able to carefully conceal his true self.
Anne’s determination and courage in the face of not only adverse but also life-threatening circumstances is most admirable and inspiring. Anne, a thirteen years old girl, was forced to hide with her family in % Secret Annex to escape incarceration from the nazis. Living in a household of eight members in the Secret Annex, Anne becomes a keen observer of the interpersonal relationships between these people, Anne’s transformation from a playful, rebellious, petulant child to a mature, observant and intelligent young girl is revealed to us through the pages of her diary. Many a times Anne sees her world crumbling to dust but even then she promises to hold on to what she believes, that this chaos and confusion will come to an end, and the world will change for the better.

Question.11B. In what context does Helen lay—”… but I am improvident enough to prefer present joy to hoarding riches against a rainy day.” 10
Give a brief character sketch of Martha Washington.
Answer.. When Helen entered Radcliffe she discovered quite soon that college was not quite the romantic place she had imagined. She gradually realized there were disadvantages in going to college. The one she felt most was — lack of time. She used to have time to think and reflect and enjoy some leisure moments in which she heard the words of some loved poet, which would touch a deep, sweet chord in her soul. But in college there was no time to commune with one’s thoughts. She realized as one enters the portals of learning, one is forced to desert one’s dearest pleasure—solitude, books and imagination. She supposed she ought to find some comfort in the thought that she was laying up treasures for future enjoyment but then she says—”… but I am improvident enough to prefer present joy to hoarding riches against a rainy day.”
Martha Washington was the child of the cook of the Keller household. During Anne’s childhood she was one of Helen’s constant companions. Martha understood Helen’s signs and she (Helen) seldom had any difficulty in making her do just as she wished. It pleased Helen to dominate over her and Martha mostly submitted to her unfair domination. This clearly reveals that Martha was rather meek and docile and she avoided risking a first hand encounter with a strong and hyperactive girl like Helen. Like Helen, Martha too had a great love for mischief. They spent a great deal of time with each other in the kitchen also where they kneaded dough balls, grinded coffee, quarreled over the cake bowl etc.


Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set-I.
Question.3. A school should give equal importance to academics and sports. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper in about 100-120 words on why sports and games should be made an integral part of the school curriculum. You are Aman/Amita, 15, Ram Vilas Colony, Delhi. 5
Answer.  15, Ram Vilas Colony Delhi
26th April, 20xx
The Editor The Times of India Bahadurshah Zafar-Marg Delhi
Subject: Sports and games-integral to school curriculum Sir
Through the medium of this letter I wish to stress upon the need on why sports and games should be made an integral part of school curriculum.
There was a time when sports and games were looked upon merely as a ‘period of break’ to extend the muscles and to give a time of rest to the students. But today we cannot deny its value as being integral to school curriculum.
One of the main considerations in having games and sports in school is to develop the inborn sports talents of students. Moreover, children are overburdened with studies. In this context, sports and games can have a soothing effect and lessen the negative impact of the extra burden. WherT* students participate in games and sports it imparts a sense of discipline to them. They learn to abide by rules, honour the referee’s decision, develop team spirit and control their feelings even when they are provoked. Games are important for both physical and mental growth of students.
It is quite possible that in the days to come games and sports will play a very major role in school curriculum and assume as important a place as academics. So, let us get together to give games and sports their long overdue value.
Yours Sincerely ,

Question.5. Complete the passage given below by choosing the correct alternatives. 3
The argument is that computers are (a) ……….us into lazy writers, ruining our spelling and grammar and reducing our attention (b)……………..It is also said that we are losing our social skills and (c) ……………. a communication crisis. Yet one thing is undeniable. Social
networking sites, blogs, and e-mail (d)…………….. improving our ability to reach (e)………………… to our fellow men. In fact technology is (f)…………. killing our ability to write.
(a) (i) making      (ii) turn      (iii) turning       (iv) taking
(b) (i) drive        (ii) speed     (iii) now             (iv) span
(c) (i) having    (ii) facing     (iii) seeing        (iv) suffering
(d) (i) have      (ii) are           (iii) was             (iv) is
(e) (i) away     (ii) in             (iii) out               (iv) on
(f) (i) only      (ii) surely     (iii) now            (iv) not
Answer. (a) (iii) turning         (b) (iv) span                (c) (ii) facing
(d) (ii) are               (e) (iii) out                    (f) (iv) not

Question.9.Answer any four of the following in 30-40 words each.
(a) Under what condition does Brutus allows Mark Antony to make the funeral speech?
(b) How does Jyoti explain the crucial shot to Patol Babu?
(c) Why did Michael and his father go to the computer fair? What did they buy?
(d) Why couldn’t the wedding guest attend the wedding?
(e) Bring out the irony in the poem ‘Ozymandias’.
Answer.(a) Brutus says that he will go to the pupil first and explain to the people the reasons for killing Caesar. He will then announce that Mark Antony speaks with their permission to pay his tribute to Caesar. It is further made clear to Antony that he would not blame anyone in his speech and that he would only praise Caesar.
(b) Jyoti tells Patol Babu what he has to do. Chanchal Kumar is a rising young executive who comes to his office after he is informed that an embezzlement has taken place there. He gets out of his car and charges across the pavement towards the entrance. Just then he collides with an absent-minded pedestrian, Patol Babu.
(c) Michael’s father had a gjeat passion for computers. Me could not resist any of the new gadgets that came out in the market. That was why they went to the Computer Fair. They bought a virtual reality visor and glove and a few of the latest interactive psycho-drive games,
(d) The wedding guest could not attend the wedding because he was stopped by the ancient mariner who insists on telling him his tale of woe. Inspite of all resistance by the wedding guest, the ancient mariner exerts a strange hypnotic influence over him, which forces him to stay and hear the old man’s story.
(e) On the one hand Ozymandias tells the ‘mighty to despair’ because their achievements can never equal his own and on the other hand he also warns them not to get their hopes too high as their statues and political regimes will eventually be destroyed. There will be nothing to recall them but a dilapidated statue half-buried in the sand.


Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in • Set-I and Set-II.
Question.3. Very often parents interfere in the choice of career of their children. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper in about 100-120 words justifying that students should be given the opportunity to choose their own career. You are PeeyustyPreeti living at 19, Krishna Colony, Delhi. 5
19, Krishna Colony – Delhi
18th March, 20xx
The Editor The Times of India Bahadurshah Zafar Marg Delhi
Subject: Students should decide their own career-paths . Sir
Through the medium of this letter I wish to justify tire reasons on why students should be given the opportunity to choose their own career.
More than often parents interfere in the choice of career of their children and sometimes even impose their will on them. This, at times, makes the children unhappy and dejected. Parents should give guidance to their children but leave the final choice of their career to them. Everyone should have the right to choose what he/she wants to do in his/her life and not let anyone control it. Even if parents only want what is best for their children, the career options the parents prefer may not be the one that their children also prefer. Everyone’s likes and personalities are different, that is why people do different things and desire to go into a field that they like. If a student is forced to choose a career that does not interest him his life gets ruined and he blames his parents for it.
I hope you will publish my letter in your esteemed newspaper so that parents give their children the opportunity of choosing their own career.
Yours Sincerely ,

Question.5. Complete the passage given below by choosing the correct alternatives from those given. 3
Looking over the books I bought last year, it is difficult (a)………… pick out books that are ‘the best’. I generally (b) ………….. four or five books going (c) a time, with several shelves of unread ones and I might drop (d) …………… all to pick up an old favourite which suits my mood. I still buy children’s books (e)…………… myself. Beyond Enid Blyton and J.K. Rowling that seem to dominate children’s reading lists, (f) ………………
(a) (i) at        (ii) to          (iii) in        (iv) for
(b) (i) are    (ii) had       (iii) have   (iv) am
(c) (i) for      (ii) from.  (iii) at         (iv) in
(d) (i) these (ii) them  (iii) it         (iv) some
(e) (i) to       (ii) for       (iii) by        (iv) from
(f) (i) these (ii) where (iii) there (iv) here
Answer.(a) (ii) to      (b) (iii) have        (c) (iii) at
(d) (ii) them           (e) (ii) for              (f) (iii) there

Question.9. Answer any four of the following in 30-40 words each. 8
(a) Why did Metellus Cimber kneel before Caesar?
(b) Why was John not worried when Jenkins asked him for a ghost story?
(c) How does D.H. Lawrence describe the snake as it drank from the water-trough?
(d) Describe the circumstances under which the mariner reached the South Pole?
(e) Bring out the irony in the poem ‘Ozymandias’.
Answer.(a) Metellus Cimber kneels before Caesar to plead to him to cancel the banishment of his brother, Publius Cimber so that he can have an immediate freedom of repeal. He requests Caesar to pardon Publius Cimber and begs enfranchisement for him.
(b) When Jenkins asked John for a ghost story the latter was not worried because he had begun to get a bit overconfident about his ability to come up with an inspiring ghost story whenever it had been required of him. The idea for a plot actually seemed to come to him out of nowhere.
(c) The snake sipped water with his straight mouth, softly drinking through his straight gums, into his slack body. At times he lifted his head while drinking, as cattle do and looked vaguely at the poet. Then flickering his tongue from his lips he mused for a moment, before stopping to drink a little more.
(d) The ship was caught in the fury of a fierce and violent sea storm that completely overtook the ship and forcibly drove it towards the South Pole, the area of mist and snow. It was a lifeless and terrible region where the vessel lay motionless, surrounded by the huge icebergs.
(e) On the one hand Ozvmandias tells the ‘mighty to despair’ because their achievements can never equal his own and on the other hand he also warns them not to get their hopes too high as their statues and political regimes will eventually be destroyed. There will be nothing to recall them but a dilapidated statue half-buried in the sand.

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