CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Biology Solved 2016 Set  11

Section A

1.State the type of evolution that has brought similarity in modification pattern as seen in potato tuber and sweet potato.

2.Breeders have tried to incorporate traits or characters into crop plants. Explain.

3.The functional insulin produced is considered to be better than the ones that  also used earlier by the diabetic patients. Discuss.

4.Provide a reason of injecting a hormone in female to induce delivery.

5.Rearrange the following levels in their correct organisational sequence. Landscape —> Organism ->

Community —> Population — » Ecosystem  â€”> Biosphere

Section B

6.It is seen that even though each pollen grain has two male gametes, why are atleast ten pollen grains and not five pollen grains are required to fertilise ten ovules present in a particular carpel?

7.Draw a labelled diagram of antibody in humans.


An organic farmer relies on a natural predation for the control of plant pests and diseases. Justify.

8.In nucleus, the number of RNA nucleotide triphosphates is 10 times more than the number of DNA nucleoside triphosphates. Still the DNA nucleotides are added during the DNA replication while not the RNA nucleotides. Why?

9.Rohit have noticed a tremendous increase of vehicles in his area. He was concerned about this and decided to discuss this with the senior authority. Mention any two harmful affects been caused due to this also give two measures to control the same.

10.Phenylketonuria is known as the most common example of pleiotropy found in human beings. What are pleiotropic genes? How are these genes useful in regard of evolution?

Section C

11.a) List any two situations where pre-formed antibodies are given to person. What kind of immunisation it is? Also discuss its advantages.

b) Name the kind of immunity attained by the introduction of attenuated pathogens into body.

12. (i) It is eventually said that the haemophilic father can never passes on the gene  for haemophilia to his sons. Explain.

(ii) Discuss the inheritance pattern mentioning the example of any of the Mendelian disorder.


(i) State the functions of the following types of RNA found in a prokaryote.

(a) fRNA                                                             (b) rRNA

(ii) Draw a well labelled diagram showing the replication of DNA in retroviruses.

13. (i) State the kind of a relationship found between cuckoo (koel) and the crow.

(ii) It is often seen that kangaroo rats can even live in the absence of water in North American deserts. How is it possible? Discuss.

14. Technology today has added many gadgets to our lives. Neeta read a report on gadgets disposal and felt disturbed about the health hazard of people living near by. Discuss the steps must be taken by her for decreasing or controlling this problem.

15. (i) Tallness of a pea plant is dominant over the dwarfness which acts as the  alternate recessive trait. A pure tall pea plant is crossed to a dwarf one. Work out the cross to show what fraction of the tall plants in F2-generation is heterozygous.

(ii) State any one law of Mendel which can be derived from this cross.

16. With an increasing cases of rape and murder of females, Akshay decided to step forward to introduce the education related to sex and its related issues for teenagers in all reputed schools. Discuss both advantages and disadvantages related to this issue.

17. Teacher during the practical class explained about the mode of reproduction that takes place differently in different organisms. Discuss the mode of reproduction that occurs in yeast cells during fermentation with a help of a neat and a well labelled diagram.

18. Discuss the ways in which Stanley and Miller simulated the conditions of

(i)         Primitive atmosphere on the earth.

(ii)       Energy source at the time of origin of life.

19. Rajesh and his friend got inspired by the phenomenon of growth a GM crop, They decided to grow a GM organism. One of their colleague told them growing a GM organism is not such easy, it takes a long procedure to do so.

(i)         Which government organisation will you approach to obtain clearance for its mass production?

(ii)       Why is such a body necessary? Give two reasons.

20. The population of lions and tigers has decreased in last few decades with a fast rate. Scientists and activists have been working hard to restore their population. If by doing so their population increased with a tremendous rate and they become dominant on earth. What will be the consequences? Discuss.

21. (i) What do you understand by the term, antibiotics? Which was the first antibiotic

to be discovered and the strain from which it was extracted?

(ii) List some main characteristics that a good antibiotic must possess.

22. Stem cells are the undifferentiated cells that are been able to differentiate into specialised cell types i.e. embryonic and adult stem cells. Describe the application of embryonic stem cell technology.

Section D

23. Akanksha’s school has been selected by the Department of health and human services to organise and host an interschool debate on ‘Increasing cases of sickle cell anaemia among children’. As a biology student Akanksha felt interested and decided to participate. Discuss the major reason, transmission and causes of sickle cell anaemia being found in humans.

Section E

24. By studying the behaviour and patterns of different animal, one can easily help to learn to control the growth of human population.

  • Discuss the two major models of determining population growth.
  • Give graphs and the related equation of both types of growth models.
  • Which out of these two is the most realistic model of growth in nature and why?


All organisms on earth including plants, animals, microbes cannot live in isolation, they instead interacts in various ways to form their biological community.

  • What major types of biological interactions are commonly seen?
  • Discuss the phenomenon of difference between predation and competition with suitable examples.
  • Define commensalism with example.

25. (i) When and where are primary oocytes formed in a human female?

  • Trace the development of these oocytes (in menstrual cycle).
  • How do gonadotropin influence this developmental process?


  • Explain the events taking place at the time of fertilisation of an ovum in a human female.
  • Name and draw a labelled sectional view of the embryonic stage that gets implanted.

26. It has been seen now-a-days that people are adapting a new method of earning lot of money by selling calves, by using the technique of MOET in their farm. But by doing this many mother cows are meeting with a premature death.

  • Expand MOET.
  • Describe the process in brief.
  • Do you think that earning money in this way is justified?
  • What step should be taken in order to stop such things happening near by you?


Define the term mutation. List few steps of how mutation breeding is carried out in an agricultural crop.

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