Marketing Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Marketing and Selling

It refers to a large set of activities and is a wide concept which involves planning, pricing, promoting and distributing the products that satisfy customers’ needs.

It is a narrow concept, which is restricted to promotion of goods and services through salesmanship, advertising, publicity and short-term incentives.

3.Difference between Marketing and Selling

Previous Year Examination Questions

3 Marks Question

1.Differentiate between marketing and selling on any three basis. (Delhi 2011)
Distinguish between marketing and selling on the basis of the following
(i)Part of the process (ii) Transfer of title

4/5 Marks Question

2.Differentiate between marketing and selling on any five basis.(Delhi 2012,2008; All India 2012)
The aim of marketing and selling is to maximise profit yet they differ in their approach. Differentiate between the two by giving any six differences. (All India 2008)
Ans.  (i) Selling concept Firms believe that aggressive selling and promotional efforts will convince a customer to buy a product.
(ii) Marketing concept Customers’ needs and customers’ satisfaction is the key to success of an enterprises.

6 Marks Question

3.Explain the following functions of marketing :  (Compartment 2014)
(i)Marketing planning
(ii)Product designing and development
(iii)Pricing of products
(iv)Standardisation and grading
(i) Marketing planning After market research, the marketer has to develop an appropriate marketing plan to achieve the marketing objective of the organisation. It involves taking decisions as to what activities will have to be undertaken to achieve a marketing objective.
(ii) Product designing and development The design of a product not only helps to make it attractive, but also helps in improving its performance, providing it a competitive advantage over the other products present in the market.
(iii) Pricing of products Pricing refers to the process of determining the price of a product. Price of a product refers to the amount of money that the customer has to pay in order to obtain a product from the market.
The marketers have to analyse a number of factors such as pricing objectives, pricing strategies, demand, cost, competition, etc to decide the price of a product. Generally, lower the price, higher would be demand of the product. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most crucial decision in marketing.                           •
(iv) Standardisation It refers to the process of setting standards regarding quality, price, packaging, technology, equipment, etc for the production of a product. This ensures uniformity and consistency in output and reduces the need for inspection, testing and evaluation of the products.
Grading It is the process of classifying the products into different groups, on the basis of quality, size, features, etc. It is necessary for such goods which are not produced according to predetermined specifications, such as agricultural goods. Grading ensures that the goods belong to a particular quality and helps the marketer to fix prices easily.

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