Internal Trade –  CBSE Notes for Class 11 Business Studies

Intenal Trade : Meaning, Services of Wholesaler and Retailers

Quick Review—
-> Intenal Trade
—> Buying and selling of goods and services within the boundaries of a nation are referred to as internal trade.
-> Wholesale Trade
Wholesale trade refers to buying and selling of goods and services in large quantities for the purpose of resale or intermediate use.
—> Services to manufacturer:
1. Facilitating large-scale production.
2. Financial assistance.
3. Bearing risk.
4. Expert advice.
5. Storage.
7. Helps in marketing function.
—> Services to retailers :
1. Availability of goods.
2. Risk sharing.
3. Grant of credit.
4. Marketing support.
5. Specialised knowledge.
6. Facilitates production continuity.
Know the Terms—

-> Wholesalers: Are the intermediaries who purchases goods in large quantity from manufactures and resale to the retalers.
-> Retalers : Are the channels of distribution who buy the goods from wholesalers and sale the goods of different varieties in small quantities directly to ultimate consumers.

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