Malu Bhalu(The Poem) – CBSE Notes for Class 5 English

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Summary :

(i)Malu Bhalu

A little polar bear, named Malu Bhalu lived in an icy lair. She learnt to catch fish from her parents. She wanted to see things beyond the blue sky. But her mother suggested her to have patience until she learnt swimming. Very soon she learnt that skill too with the help of her mother. Her mother was sure that Malu Bhalu was brave and fearless.

(ii) Who Will Be Ningthou?

This is a story from Manipur about what qualities make a good ruler. The king and queen were so good that they always wanted to see their people happy. In return they were loved dearly by the people. The birds and animals too loved them. They had three sons and a daughter whom they named Sanatombi. She was good at heart and loved by all.
The king grew old in due course. He decided to choose his heir. He tested all his three sons for the qualities of a good ruler but he found that no one was worthy of becoming a ruler. Hence he chose his twelve year old daughter, Sanatombi as his heir because she could feel the pain of the people, the animals, the birds and the trees. Everyone was happy with their future queen.