Math Olympiad Questions with solutions : Understanding Elementary Shapes  Class 6

1. John turns right angle three times. How many degrees does he turn through?
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2. If two straight lines intersect, the measures of the vertically opposite angles are______.
(A) Equal                              (B) Not equal                (C) Right angle          (D) Can’t be determined

3.The minute hand when it moves 330 ° from 11 O’clock, is now at ______.
(A) 9                                      (B) 11                               (C) 12                            (D) 10

4.Through how many degrees does the hour hand of a clock turn in 5 minutes?
5.Which angle is shown by the hands of the clock in the given figure?
(A) acute
(B) right
(C) obtuse
(D) reflex
6.Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct ?
(A) A parallelogram in which two adjacent angles are equal is a rectangle.
(B) A quadrilateral in which both pairs of opposite angles are equal is parallelogram.
(C) In a parallelogram the number of acute angles is two.
(D) All of these

7. Which of the following figures has six faces ?
8. An acute angle is formed between the hands of a clock at______ .
(A) 9 O’clock                       (B) 4 O’clock                       (C) 11 O’clock               (D) 6 O’clock


10.The angle between two opposite rays is______.
(A) right                            (B) obtuse                                (C) acute                        (D) straight

11.Which of the following is an obtuse angle ?

12.Which of the following statements is INCORRECT ?
(A) Each diagonal of a quadrilateral divides it into two triangles.
(B) Each side of a quadrilateral is less than the sum of the remaining three sides.
(C) A quadrilateral can have atmost three angles .
(D) A quadrilateral has two diagonals.

13.Which of the following describes the given triangle ?
(A) isosceles, obtuse
(B) acute, equilateral
(C) isosceles, right
(D) scalene, right
14.A triangle with one right angle and two acute angles is called____________angled triangle.
(A) Right                               (B) Acute                                      (C) Obtuse                        (D) Scalene

15.Which of the following is a right angled triangle ?
16.a possible shape for the photo-frame  __________
(A) Square              (B) Trapezium              (C) Rhombus                        (D) None of these

17.Which quadrilateral is not a parallelogram?
(A) Rectangle  (B) Trapezium  (C) Square (D) Rhombus

18.An angle which is equal to 360 ° is called angle.
(A) Right (B) Complete
(C) Acute (D) Obtuse

19.Which of the following closed plane figures is/are not polygons ?
20.In a right angled triangle if an angle measures 35 °, then the measure of other angle is_________
(A) 65 °                                    (B) 55 °                                (C) 45 °                        (D) 30 °

21.The angle that the hands of a clock make at 5 O’clock is_______.
(A) Acute
(B) Obtuse
(C) Right
(D) Straight
22.What shape are the faces of a cube ?
(A) Circle                                  (B) Triangle                (C) Square                                (D) Pentagon

23.Sum of any two sides of a triangle is always_______the third side.
(A) Less than (B) Equal to (C) Greater than (D) Less or equal

24.Which of the following is not a polygon?
25.If a solid shape is completely bounded by plane faces, the least number of faces it may have is______.
(A) 4                                      (B) 5                                              (C) 6                                  (D) 3

26.A bicycle wheel makes four and half turns, then the number of right angles through which it turns is______.
(A) 16                                      (B) 18                                          (C) 20                               (D) 8

27.Which solid has the greatest number of faces ?
(A) Cone                            (B) Cylinder                                  (C) Triangular Prism      (D) Cube

28.Which of the following is the net for a cylinder?
29.A reflex angle is___________a straight angle.
(A) Smaller than                    (B) Larger than              (C) Equal to                          (D) One-half of

30.Select the INCORRECT match.
(A) One pair of parallel sides – Trapezium
(B) A rhombus with 4 right angles – Square
(C) Parallelogram with 4 right angles – Rectangle
(D) Two pair of parallel sides – Quadrilateral