NCERT  Exemplar Problems Class 8 Science

The Department of Education in Science & Mathematics (DESM) & National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT) developed Exemplar Problems in Science and Mathematics for Upper Primary Stage, Secondary and Senior Secondary Classes with the objective to provide the students a large number of quality problems in various forms and format viz. Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer Questions, Long Answer Questions etc., with varying levels of difficulty.
The problems given in Exemplar books are not meant to some merely as question bank for examination but are Primarily meant to improve the quality of teaching/ learning process in schools and finally will impart the problem solving skills in students and it is a widely at acknowledged fact that in this century analytical thinking, problem solving ability, creativity and speculative ability will be key skills for success.
This book NCERT Exemplar Problems-Solutions Science VIII contains Explanatory & Accurate Solutions to all the questions given in NCERT Exemplar Science book.
For the overall benefit of the students we have made these solutions in such a way that it presents not only hints and solutions but also detailed and authentic explanations. Through these detailed explanations, students can learn the concepts which will enhance their thinking and learning abilities.

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