CBSE Sample Papers for Final Board Exams Class 9 Social Science – Paper 1

(For Annual Examination to be held in and after March 2018 and onwards) Based on the latest syllabi and Design of the Question Paper released by the C.B.S.E New Delhi

Strictly based on the Latest Scheme Of Assessement, the latest Syllabus and Design of the Question paper released by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi effective from academic year 2017-18.


1. Which French philosopher proposed a form of government based on social contract between people and their representatives?   [1]

2. Which countries comprised the Axis Powers during the Second World War?     [1]

3. Where do Alaknanda and Bhagirathi join together?   [1]

4. Which two island countries are India’s southern neighbours? [1]

5. In which island active volcano is found in Andaman & Nicobar Islands?   [1]

6. With whom does the final decision making power rest in a democracy?   [1]

7. Mention any two characteristics of modem farming.     [1]

8. How did philosophers influence the thinking of the people of France? Explain.     [3]

9. Why did Tsarist autocracy collapse in 1917? Give reasons.     [3]

10. How do the Himalayan rivers perform erosional activities and form depositional features? [3]

11. When did Suez Canal start functioning and how did it benefit India?   [3]

12. Distinguish between folding and faulting.   [3]

13. “The Constitution of India begins with a short statement of its basic leaders.”Which three values of the constitution inspire you?     [3]

14. ‘Democracy allows people to correct their mistakes.’ How is this possible? Explain.     [3]

15. “The Constituent Assembly was a body of elected representatives that represented various social groups.”Give three arguments to support the statement.     [3]

16. How are human resources different from other factors of production? Explain in three points. [3]

17. Explain any three requirements for the production of goods and services.   [3]

18. How do large farmers utilise surplus farm products to arrange for capital needed for farming?         [3]

19A. Who are the Banjaras? Name two states where the Banjaras can be found in India. Write about the exchange of goods between Banjaras and the villagers.   [5]


19B. By the early 19th century, oak forests in England were disappearing. What problem did it pose and how was it subsequently solved?


19C. How did enclosures sweep by the end of 18th century in England? Explain.

20A. How do the alternation of the monsoon and dry season impact the cyclical movement of the cattle-herders of the plateau region? Explain.     [5]


20B. How far is it correct to say that shifting cultivation is a global phenomenon?


20C. How did the enclosure movement proceed in England? Explain,

21. Describe the onset of monsoon in Indian context. [5]

22. ‘A secular state has no official religion.’ Explain. [5]

23. Describe the post election activities undertaken by the Election Commission. [5]

24. Explain the principal measures taken in Punjab, Kerala and West Bengal, to reduce poverty. [5]

25. “Poverty is a curse for humanity.”Justify. [5]

26. Two items A and B are marked on the given outline map of France. Identify these items with the help of the given information and write their correct names on the map.     [1]
(A)   Storm-centre of the French Revolution.
(B) A city related to the National Anthem of France.

27. Locate and label the following on the given outline map of the world. [1]
(i) Turkey — A major Central Power during First World War.
(ii) Russia — A major Allied Power during First World War.

28. Locate and label the following on the given outline political map of the world.
(i) Delhi
(ii) Shillong
On the same map identify and name the item A.
(A) — A type of vegetation.                                                                                                                                           [3]
Note: The following questions are for the visually impaired candidates only in lieu of   Q. No. 26, 27, and 28. [5]
(28.1) Name the city which was the storm centre of the French Revolution.
(28.2) Name the city of France related to the National Anthem of France.
(28.3) Where is Kanha National Park located?
(28.4) Shillong is the capital of which state?
(28.5) Name a region of Montane forest in India.

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