CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 English Communicative Solved 2016 Set  8

(Reading)                                             (20 Marks)
1.(a) Read the following passage carefully and complete the sentences that  follow : (5)
Man has taken water for granted, for water is, by and large, a free commodity. The rate at which man has been consuming this raw material will sooner or later exhaust the entire stock of water in certain parts of the world. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the World Bank proposes a water tariff, and a steeply progressive water tariff at that. It should, in the opinion of many experts, be commensurate with the relative abundance or scarcity of water in the location, the relative usefulness of the water-intensive process or product, and the degree to which it causes water pollution. A water tariff should be designed to make the users pay for waste or the polluters for pollution.
A steeply progressive water tariff have a tremendous ripple effect upon our entire economic system. Presently, water – no matter how vital to industry- accounts for a mere 0.4% of total plant cost, on an average. This ratio varies from 0.01% to 2.8% including recycling, purification, and the like. Many industries guzzle water. It takes 25 litres of water to produce one litre of beer; 150 litres to produce a kilo of steel; 300 litres for a kilo of paper; 700 litres for a kilo of bread; and 2,000 litres for a kilo of synthetic rubber.
Agriculture is no less thirsty. It requires 50 litres to produce a kilo of spinach; 1,500 litres for a kilo of wheat; 4,500 litres for a kilo of rice; 10,000 litres for a dozen large eggs; and 30,000 litres of water for a kilo of prime beef.

  • Man is using water recklessly because___________ .
  • The availability or shortage of water in a locality should determine
  • Those who waste or pollute water should___________ .
  • Water is vital to the growth of both__________ .
  • The writer wants us to__________ .

(b) Read the following passage carefully :     (5)
1.In Venice he met his brother, Lord Surbiton, who happened to have come over from Corfu in his yacht. The two young men spent a delightful fortnight together. In the morning, they rode on the Lido, or glided up and down the green canals in their long black gondola; in the afternoon they usually entertained visitors on the yacht; and in the evening they dined at Florian’s, and smoked innumerable cigarettes on the Piazza. Yet somehow Lord Arthur was not happy. Every day he studied the obituary column in the times, expecting to see a notice of Lady Clementina’s death, but every day he was disappointed. He began to be afraid that some accident had happened to her, and often regretted that he had prevented her taking the aconitine when she had been so anxious to try its effect. Sybil’s letters, too, though full of love, and trust, and tenderness, were often very sad in their tone, and sometimes he used to think that he was parted from her for ever.
2.After a fortnight, Lord Surbiton got bored with Venice, and determined to run down the coast to Ravenna, as he heard that there was some capital cock-shooting in the Pinetum. Lord Arthur at first refused absolutely to come, but Surbiton, of whom he was extremely fond, finally persuaded him that if he stayed at Danieli’s by himself he would be moped to death, and on the morning of the 15th they started, with a strong nor’- east wind blowing, and a rather choppy sea. The sport was excellent, and the free, open-air life brought the colour back to Lord Arthur’s cheek, but about the 22nd he became anxious about Lady Clementina, and, in spite of Surbiton’s remonstrances, came back to Venice by train.
1.On the basis of your reading of the passage, complete the following statements :
(a) Lord Surbiton and Lord Arthur were__________ .
(b) Lord Arthur seemed to be in love_________ .
2. Answer the following questions.
(a) What did Lord Arthur expect ?
(b) What made him unhappy ?
3.Find the word from the passage which means the same as ‘completely/fully’ (para 2).
2.Read the following passage carefully and on the bais of your study of
the passage anwwer the questions given below :    (OTBA)(10)
In the past, the mobile phone has been used mainly for voice application and  person-to-person contact. In the future, the demand will shift towards data  and multimedia services rather than voice. According to estimates, by 2015 mobile traffic is expected to grow 23-fold that of today, with 90% being multimedia.
A wide range of services will be available to the mobile user conveniently and securely via the 4G Core Network. Personal communications, information systems and entertainment will be merged into a seamless pool of content.
In an increasingly mobile phone-dependent society, we need to carefully consider what sort of social implications there could be as a result of the availability of such high level services practically anywhere, anytime.
Many might become totally hooked to their personal mobile device and it may affect their social skills. The availability of on-demand entertainment services will play a major role in this regard.
Also, with the level of intelligence and interconnectivity that PDAs and other personal devices are likely to possess, they may end up running our lives more or less. We may become overly dependent on them to take care of all the details in our lives (control home appliances automatically, seek out location- dependent information and services, etc.). Alternately, they may be viewed as helping hands that free up our time and resources. The line between the two interpretations, however, is quite thin.
The most important social issue that is likely to come up time and time again is that of privacy. What personal information will be required to be stored, what part of this can be divulged publicly, what level of authentication and encryption will be required to secure communications-these are all questions that have to be answered but there are no straightforward answers. Solutions will most probably be found in legislation and it is quite likely that not everyone will agree with these. Apart from the technological challenges there are a number of economic and political challenges that will also come into play. It is not just a case of best technology prevails’.
The situation in a decade’s time could be such that strict adherence to standards is not practised despite years of effort for a streamlined unified standard. In fact, it may not be practical for a single unified standard to operate. Instead, quick and easy software solutions are found for continued interoperability. This is a very open situation where developments occur freely and uncontrolled. This can only be fuelled by the availability of software solutions and high user demand and support in all sectors.
Alternately, tight regulation might be needed in the light of personal integrity and security issues. Central bodies may have to place the technology developers and distributors under tight scrutiny to make sure they conform to the rules. This and higher complexity of systems resulting from the lack of an open environment may push prices up too.
A third scenario could be where service providers might be able to provide a high level of service but the technology would be so expensive that it could be afforded only by a relatively small proportion.
Assuming that widely accessible and affordable systems are in place within the next decade, 4G systems will have a major effect on the economy and the way business is carried out. Higher levels of efficiency will be facilitated by the superior communication systems. For example, video telephony will eliminate or reduce the need for ‘face-to-face’ meetings and information and transaction services will be available on the move.
The main concern, apart from mental health issues relating to social implications, is that of radiation levels. The effects of exposure to radio transmissions are still being researched. Although there is no unanimous, concrete connection between mobile devices and deterioration of health, the heavier, more condensed traffic characteristics of future generation mobile networks do pose a risk that must be studied in more detail.
(а) What would happen if our society were too much dependent upon mobile phones?
(b)   Communication devices are becoming more and more sophisticated. What kind of world would you imagine by 2050 ?
(Writing & Grammar)                                                                 (25 Marks)
3. You are Jeevan/Jeevitha who has bagged several prizes in the  Waibhav’, a cultural fiesta, held at Gurukul academy. You have also won the title Miss Vaibhav/Mr Vaibhav. Write a diary entry, expressing your feelings. (100-120 words)               (5)
Hints :

  • a very pleasant experience in the cultural fiesta
  • won the title of‘Miss Vaibhav’, and several other prizes
  • standing ovation and applause
  • will work hard to improve my achievements

4.Write a short story that begins with the line : “For the past one yearGabriel had been coming to No. 1 platform ….”You may take into account the following value points : (HOTS) (10)
Value Points :
Gabriel — coming to No. 1 platform for one year — frantically searching someone from among the passengers alighting from the evening subway — his master never came back — the visit continued — weak and tired, Gabriel made a bench his home — found dead one day
5. Choose the most appropriate options from the ones given below to
complete the following paragraph :    (3)
“Turn (a)______ the tap if you’ve finished,”I said to my sister in (b)__________
angry tone. I can’t let anyone (c)_________ water in any way.
(a) (i) on                                   (ii)     off                                         (iii)     up                         (iv)       out
(b) (i) a                                         (ii)     an                                         (iii)     the                       (iv)     any
(c) (i) wasted          (ii)     wasting                       (iii)     waste               (iv)     wastes
6.The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one error in  each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction against the correct blank number in your answer sheet.     (4)
Incorrect Correct
One day, the Nawab sent words (a) ……….. …………..
to his minister that I wanted (b) ……….. ………….
a entire earth measured from (c) ……….. …………..
side to side and of end to end. (d) ……….. …………
7. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful
sentences:   (3)
(a) enjoyable and / educative hobby / is an / bird watching
(b) go on a bird trail / merge with the surroundings / clothes that / when you / wear dull coloured
(c) that would / avoid any jerky / disturb a bird / or loud movements
(Literature Textbook & Long Reading Text)                             (25 Marks)
8.Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow : (3)
And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances,
And so he plays his part.
(a) How does the justice show his wisdom ?
(b) How does he look ?
(c) “… belly with good capon lined”. Explain.
A voice interrupted. “Two thousand, four hundred and forty feet per second It was the Professor.
(a) Who was interrupted by the Professor, and why ?
(b)What was the Professor’s real name ? Was he a professor ?
(c) What do you mean by the word ‘interrupted’ ?
9. Answer these questions in 30-40 words each : (2×4=8)
(a)‘I am like earthly life…”Explain.
(b) How did Harold come to know that his father was a renowned boxer ?
(c) What was John A. Pescud’s opinion about best sellers ?
(d) “You’ll sell your candlesticks next”. Who uttered these words, and when ?
10.”It is worth going out in the cold for the sake of the comfort of coming in.”
In what context are these words spoken ? What does one feel after an ordeal of struggle and discomfort ? Write an article on the value of suffering in life.  (4)
Value Points :

  • sweet is pleasure after pain
  • life not a bed of roses
  • experience of sufferings chastens a man

“When I humble myself the flowers rejoice When I bow, all things are elated.”
How does the rain bring cheer to the people on the earth ? Write a paragraph on the value of humility.
Value Points :

  • great blessings come down from above
  • the earth remains parched without rains
  • acts of goodness and selflessness bring cheer to the people
  • need to be humble and helpful

11.Show your acquaintance with the king of Laputa.  (10)
Give a brief character sketch of Munodi.
What reminded George of his stay at one Mrs Gippings ? What was most puzzling to him ?
Comment upon the ending of the novel ‘Three Men in a Boat’.

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