CBSE  Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 Social Science Solved  2016 Set 12

1.What is shifting agriculture ?
Who are Raikas ?
What was the impact of White settler movement towards the west on American Indians?

2.What is migration ?

3.‘Gurbax Singh, a citizen of India was not allowed to cast his vote as he was not having an Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC).’ What is the purpose of an EPIC and what were the options available to Gurbax Singh?

4.Explain No Confidence Motion.

5.What are rights ?

6.What was the thought of Gandhiji about a truly independent India ?

7.Mention any two limitations of the Public Distribution System (PDS).

8.Mention any two factors responsible for seasonal hunger.

9.How did the local people look after and protect the forests in Bastar region ?
Explain the annual cycle of seasonal movement of the Dhangars.
Why were the poor people of England opposed to the threshing machines ? Explain.

10.Discuss how the changes in forest management in the colonial period affected the following groups of people:
(a)Plantation owners.
(b)Kings/British officials engaged in shikar (hunting).
Explain the impact of Forest Acts on the nomads or pastoralists.
How was USA converted into bread basket from dust bowl ? Describe any three reasons.

11.What is the difference between cricket which originated before Industrial Revolution, and the games which originated after the Industrial Revolution ?
How did French Revolution end all the distinctions imposed by the Sumptuary Laws ?

12.Study the climate data of Pune and answer each of the following questions :
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 Social Science Solved 2016 Set 12-1
(a)Name the month of the year which gets the maximum rain.
(b)What is the annual range of temperature ?
(c)Why the annual range of temperature is very low ?

13.What are the major factors responsible for threat to the nature ?

14.What is the main cause of the rapid population growth in India ? Mention any three points.

15. Why do the political executives have more powers than the permanent executives?

16.Mention any three features of the Right to Equality as a Fundamental Right.

17.What are reserved constituencies ? Explain the concept of ‘Reservation of seats’ by giving suitable arguments.

18.‘Poverty is a curse upon humanity’. Explain

19.Explain the role of a co-operatives in providing food and related items in different parts of the country.

20.Explain how poverty line is estimated in India ? Explain.

21.What is shifting cultivation ? Why did European foresters regard this practice as harmful for forests ?
“In pre-colonial times, the Maasai society was divided into two social categories”. Explain.
How did the war between France and England affect the prices and productuion of food grains in the 18th century ?

22.”In different cultures, specific items of clothing often convey contrary meanings”. Explain the statement with context to India.
“The cricket in the colonial India reflected the British policy of divide and rule. Justify the statement with five suitable examples.

23.Human beings are also integral part of the ecosystem. Justify. Mention any two ways  through which they have exploited the environment.

24.”Resources, calamities and disasters are all meaningful only in relation to human beings.”Explain the statement with suitable arguments.

25.Explain briefly the powers and functions of the Supremen Court.

26.‘Rights are necessary for the sustenance of democracy’. Explain.

27.Question Based on OTBA.

28.Question Based on OTBA.
Note: The student has to attempt any one map question from question numbers 29.1,and 29.3. Question no. 30 is compulsory. The maps are attached with the question paper.

29.1 On the given political outline map of India locate and mark 3

  1. Place where scientific foresty started
  2. A state where Gunda Dhur started anti-British movement
  3. Areas where Karacha tribes belongs to

29.2 On the same political outline map of India locate and mark

  1. State related to pastoral community – Maldharis
  2. State where Gujjar – Bakarwals five
  3. Areas of Kurumas

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 Social Science Solved 2016 Set 12-2
29.3 On the given outline map of United States of America locate and mark the following :
(i)A region where white settlement took place in 1775
(ii)A region which was affected by Dust Bowl Tragedy
(iii) Cotton Belt
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 Social Science Solved 2016 Set 12-3

30.1 Two features – A and B are shown in the outline political map of India. Identify these features with the help of following information and write their correct names on the lines marked in the map.
A – Meteorological station in Maharashtra
B – A type of vegetation
30.2 Locate and label the following items on the same map of India with appropriate symbols.
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 Social Science Solved 2016 Set 12-4

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