CBSE  Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 Social Science Solved  2016 Set 14

1.Who set up the Indian Forest Service in India?
Who were nomads?
What was enclosure system ?

2.Define sex ratio

3.Define elections.

4.What is Legislature Assembly ?

5.What are Human Rights?

6.What is poverty ?

7.Define subsidy

8.What are the functions of the FCI? Mention any two

9.How was the introduction of railway responsible for deforestation under the colonial era ?
How did the life of pastoralists change dramatically during the colonial period ? Explain.
Why did Indian farmers oppose to grow opium ? Explain any three reasons.

10.How did the ‘forest-acts’ cause severe hardships for villagers across the country?
Why did the Maasai face the problem of continuous loss of their grazing lands under the colonial rule? Give reasons.
Explain the factors which led to the enclosures in England.

11.How did the technological advances change the entire game of cricket?
What were the major changes in the clothing pattern which occurred in Europe from the 17th century to 20th century?

12.Mention any three characteristics of the ‘Monsoons’.

13.Give any three steps taken by the government of India to protect the flora and fauna.

14.Explain any three elements which are responsible for population growth.

15.What are reserved constituencies? Explain the concept of‘Reservation of seats’ by giving any  two suitable arguments.

16.Our Constitution does give the Rajya Sabha some special powers over the states, but Lok  Sabha exercises supreme power. How? Explain.

17.” Freedom of speech and expression is one of the essential features of any democracy.”Explain.

18.Poverty is a curse upon humanity. Explain.

19.What are the major objectives of the Academy Development Science (ADS)? Mention any  three.

20.How was the colonial government responsible for poverty in India ? Explain any three points.

21.Explain what is shifting cultivation? Why did European foresters regard this practice as  harmful for forests?
Explain the annual cycle of the seasonal movement of the Dhangars
How U.S.A. converted in bread basket from dust bowl? Explain by giving reasons.

22.‘Cricket in India was organised on the principle of race and religion.’ Justify.
How did Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of Khadi become a symbolic weapon against British rule ?

23.How do monsoons act as a unifying bond for India? Explain.

24.Why is there need to conserve the biodiversity? Explain.

25.Explain the major challenges to free and fair elections in India.

26.Explain the major powers and functions of the Prime Minister

27.Question Based on OTBA.

28.Question Based on OTBA.
Note : The student has to attempt any one map question from question numbers 29.1, 29.2 and 29.3. Question no. 30 is compulsory. The maps are attached with the question paper.

29.1 On the given political outline map of India locate and mark:
(i)A state where Imperial Forest Research Institute was established.
(ii)A state where shifting agriculture was practiced.
(iii) A state where Gond tribal community is found.
29.2 On the given map of India mark and locate the states where the following pastoralist communities are found:

  1. Gaddis
  2. 2. Dhangars
  3. Banjara

29.3Any one state where farmers were induced to produce opium through a system of  advances.

  1. A state where opium was being produced illegelly.
  2. A port city used to export opium

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 Social Science Solved 2016 Set 14-1

30.1 Two features – A and B are shown in the outline political map of India. Identify these features  with the help of following information and write their correct names on the lines marked in the map.

  1. Meteorological station in Chennai
  2. National Park

30.2 Locate and label the following items on the same map of India with appropriate symbols:
Montane vegetation
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 Social Science Solved 2016 Set 14-2

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