CBSE  Sample Papers for Class 9 SA2 Social Science Solved  2016 Set 6

1.What were reserved forests ?
What is Kafilat
How did the industrialisation encourage the enclosure system in England? Give two points.
2.What do you mean by Coriolis force ?
3.Mention any two points relating to the Model Code of Conduct for election campaigns.
4.The Constitution of India has made necessary provisions for ensuring independence of  judiciary\ Justify your answer by giving two reasons.
5.Explain any two features of secular state.
6.What is Poverty Line ?
7.What are co-operative societies?
8.What is buffer stock? 1
9.How did the British exploit the forest resources of India for the economic development ?
Mention any three factors responsible for the annual movement of the Dhangars.
What was the importance of turnip and cloves for the England farmers ? Explain.
10.”The organisation of cricket in England reflected the nature of English society”. Explain.
What were the major changes in the clothing pattern which occurred in Europe from the 17th century to the 20th century ?
11. Explain the journey of cricket in India.
Explain how cloth were used by Gandhiji as a powerful weapon to protest against the British rule.
12. “India has diverse climatic canditions.”Support this statement by giving examples, each of temperature and precipitation.
*13. “India has an extremely wide variety of fauna”. Explain by giving three examples.
14. Study the given figure carefully and answer the following questions :
(i) Whether India has high or low  dependency ratio ? Justify.
(ii) Which age group has the maximum share in the population
(iii) What do you mean by the working population ?


15. Distinguish between political executive and permanent executive.
16. Mention the Rights of a person arrested under ordinary circumstances.
17. What is Secret Ballot System ? Give two reasons why Secret Ballot System is good ?
18. What is food security ? Mention any two dimensions of food security.
19. Mention any three limits of PDS.
20. How can poverty be reduced in future in India ? Suggest any three ways.
21. How did the ‘forest-acts’ cause severe hardships for villagers across the country ? Explain
Explain the cyclic movement of Gaddi shepherds.
How were unwilling cultivators made to produce opium in India ? Explain.
22. How the centre of gravity in cricket has shifted from the old, Anglo-Australian axis ? Explain.
After the French Revolution which political symbols were included in the clothing in France and why?
22. How did the ‘forest-acts’ cause severe hardships for villagers across the country ? Explain.
23. Why are forests very important to human beings and environment ? Explain.
24. Mention any five features of the National Population Policy.
25. What is the importance of the election campaign ? Explain.
26. “Lok Sabha is more powerful than Rajya Sabha”. Explain by giving examples.
27. Question Based on OTBA.
28. Question Based on OTBA.
29.1 On the given political map of India locate and mark :

  1. Region related to Baiga forest tribes.
  2. Place where scientific foresty started.
  3. Jagdalpur in Chhatisgarh


29.2 On the same political map of India locate and mark.

  1. State related to the pastoral community ; Raikas
  2. State where Gujjar-Bakarwalas live
  3. Areas of Kurumas

29.3 On the same political map of India locate and mark.

(i) A state where British Government gained monopoly to trade in opium.
(ii) A state where peasants were forced to grow opium.
(iii) Rajasthan – an area not under British control where opium was being produced.


30.1 Two features – A and B are shown in the outline political map of India. Identify these features with the help of following information and write their correct names on the lines marked in the map.
A – Meteorological station in Maharashtra
B – A type of vegetation

30.2 Locate and label the following items on the same map of India with appropriate symbols.
Wildlife Sanctuary Rajaji


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