CBSE Sample Papers for Post-Mid Term Exam Class 10 Communicative English – Paper 2

Sample Paper 2

Strictly based on the Remodelled Scheme of Assessment, the Latest Syllabus and Design of the Question Paper released by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi effective from academic year 2017-18.

SECTION A : READING                                                                     (20 MARKS)

Question 1:
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :                               [8]
Colleges are using Facebook as a medium to connect with students, so do teachers who use it for posting classroom notes. When Jayakrishnan, a lecturer observed most of his students were more active on Facebook than the classroom, he knew it was time to innovate. As a young faculty member with the Mass Communications department of St. Francis College for women, he felt he could reach out better to his students over social media as it was easy to connect with them there and started posting notes on Facebook. Soon lessons on writing a radio script, story boards, television production, grammar of TV, sample scripts on finishing scripts etc. began making appearance on his Facebook profile.
The era of digital classrooms has truly arrived. “Earlier it posed serious challenges to me. It used to take at least one week to ensure that the printed notes reached everyone. They used to complain or give it as an excuse and I could not verify their claims Now they cannot complain anymore as FB connects them all. They now have their class notes at their doorsteps and some assignments could be submitted online. A tech savvy teacher is only making his job easier. “We are always on Facebook and we can access our notes from our mobiles, “say students. At a time when most students, rely on their seniors for notes and tips on scoring in exams, Facebook has made life easier. Facebook now being one of the fastest modes to communicate with many people at the same time, notes are being shared by the whole class.
In fact, the Facebook pages of students and Facebook profiles of various colleges are bustling with activity. A glance at them reveals that it is not just the notes that teachers share with students or students with their parents but the colleges are also using it as a medium to connect with the students. All major announcements of the colleges are updated religiously on the Facebook. For example, colleges post their holiday notices or sudden bandhs on Facebook. Some students are so well connected that even their classroom activity is shared. Mr. Krishnan best puts it : “In the technological era, faculty are slowly becoming facilitators or a human interface between students and internet. “

-adapted from THE HINDU March 7, 2011

(a) How are colleges and teachers using Facebook?                                                                                       [1]
(b) Why does the writer say “The era of digital classroom has truly arrived”?                                 [1]
(c) How is Facebook making a teacher’s job easier?                                                                           [1]
(d) How has Facebook made life easier?                                                       [1]
(e) What makes the writer say, “Some students are so well connected that even their classroom activity is shared”?                       [1]
(f) How are faculty becoming a human interface between students and internet? [1]
(g) What is the fastest mode of communicating? [1]
(h) What is the full form of FB? [1]

Question 2:
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :                   [12]

  1. India sells the largest number of branded drugs in the world, almost 60,000 in all. By volume India is ranked 4th and comprises 8 per cent of the global pharma market. This scenario becomes scary given that spurious and substandard drugs are a thriving parallel industry in our country. “When manufacturers sell chalk as life-saving drugs, such criminals should be given the death sentence, “says Dr. P.K. Dave, President of National Academy of Medical Sciences, Delhi and former Director of AIIMS.
  2. Self-medication with genuine drugs also has disastrous fallouts. “I’ve lost count of how many patients come to us, when water crosses head level, “says Dr. Dave. While Dr. Simran Nundy, consultant gastro-intestinal surgeon at Delhi s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, observes : “Patients come to me, after six months of taking antacids, to find they ‘re not suffering from indigestion but cancer of the stomach or gastric tract. “Most medical experts say pill name – dropping is common. But besides superficial awareness patients know little about dosage, duration and more importantly, side-effects. In Calcutta, Dr. Krishnangshu Ray, head of Pharmacology at NRS Medical College and Hospital, agrees “”There s a drug culture in our state, where people assume they know which drug to take. This is a dangerous habit, which accounts for at least 15 to 20 per cent of complicated cases. “
  3. Besides, no drug, not even an over the counter (OTC) medicine, is totally safe. Aspirin on an empty stomach may lead to severe gastritis. Even paracetamol, considered the safest painkiller, when taken in high doses or for prolonged periods, can cause liver damage. Then there’s carelessness. Dr. Gupta observes: “People take cough suppressant for a cough with sputum, which in fact requires an expectorant. Or, they consume antibiotics without a doctor s prescription for viral fever, allergic cold, dry cough, flu or sore throat, which do not require any antibiotic. “Self-medication of antibacterial drugs can be dangerous. Frequent treatment with ciprofloxacin for undiagnosed diarrhoea is one of the most common reasons for emergence of typhoid germs that are resistant to this drug.
  4. What makes us such willing pill-swallowers? Dr. Wishvas Rane, Pune-based health activist, asserts : “Most viral conditions are self-limiting, 80 per cent get cured on their own, this pill-popping attitude is nurtured by pharmaceutical firms. “This is particularly true in our unique pharma-sales culture where pills are available without bills and bills can be obtained without buying pills.
    Dr. Ashish Sabherwal, Joint Secretary, Indian Medical Association in Delhi, points out: “Patients just want momentary relief and aren’t willing to get to the root of the problem, so pills are eaten like peanuts. “
  5. Another reason for spiralling self-treatment is that general practitioners or GPs, doctors who have shone the torch down our throats from our toothless babyhood to our ailing adulthood, are gradually vanishing.
  6. In real life, we patients do not have a family friend and a philosopher – our GP who knew us by blood group, allergies, medical history and emotional upheavals. Hesitant about dashing off to intimidating ENT specialist when we have throat trouble, we just check with the chemist. That could be a dose for disaster.
    (a) Why does the scenario become scary for India in the field of branded drugs industry? [2]
    (b) Why is self-medication known to have disastrous fallouts? [2]
    (c) What does the writer mean by ‘pills are available without bills and bills can be obtained without buying pills’? What is he hinting at ?       [2]
    (d) What is the most important reason for spiralling self-treatment? [2]
    (e) Most people miss having a family friend – a General Practitioner. Why? [1]
    (f) Pills are eaten like peanuts. Explain. [1]
    (g) Which word in the passage means ‘a description of how things are happening’? [1]
    (h) Give the synonym of the word ‘thriving’. [1]

SECTION B : WRITING AND GRAMMAR                                                   (30 MARKS)

Question 3:
You are Rushali Garg of Kanpur. You have come across an advertisement of a coaching centre that prepares students for the Pre Medical Test. Write a letter to the director of the institute asking for information that you require before you decide to join it. [8]

Question 4:
Write an original short story in about 200-250 words about a childhood incident which keeps haunting you.                   [10]
Hints : Firecrackers on Diwali — locked in the bathroom for 2 hours — bad company leading you away — lost — alone — stranger helps — dream — have nightmares still.

Question 5:
Fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate words from the given options. [4]
It is not to (a)________________ denied that the playing of games is a worthy activity; it is worthy in the sense that the team spirit (b)________________ be created in the individual only if he has learnt to participate in the playing of games. It is also true that the player does (c) ________________ for society and for (d)________________ country on the playing field.
CBSE Sample Papers for Post-Mid Term Exam Class 10 Communicative English - Paper 2-5

Question 6:
he following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. The first one has been done for you.       [4]
CBSE Sample Papers for Post-Mid Term Exam Class 10 Communicative English - Paper 2-6

Question 7:
Rearrange the following words or phrases to form meaningful sentences.                                                                   [4]
(a) of mankind / the habit / reading is / one of / resources / of / the greatest
(b) no book / that / afraid to / you should / mark up / own / you are
(c) should begin / everyone / a private library / youth / collecting / in
(d) converse with / in / you / at any moment / a private library/ Socrates or Shakespeare / can


Question 8:
Read one of the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow :                                                           [4]
“The doctors were doing all they could, but in our hearts we knew we needed a miracle. “
(a) Who made the above remark?
(b) Discuss the context of the remark?
(c) What kind of miracle was required and for whom?
(d) What was surprising about the miracle to Michael?

He reached down from a fissure in the earth-wall in the gloom
And trailed his yellow-brown slackness soft-bellied down, over the edge of the stone-trough
(a) From where had the snake appeared?
(b) Identify the poetic device in ‘slackness, soft-bellied’.
(c) Describe the path the snake took to reach the water.
(d) What is the meaning of ‘fissure’?

Question 9:
Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words :                                                                                                     [8]
(a) What kind of computers fascinated Michael and his dad? Why?
(b) Describe the relaxed manner in which the snake makes his way to the water trough and the manner in which he drinks water.
(c) How had Sebastian Shultz entered the games?
(d) The poet has a dual attitude towards the snake. Why does he experience conflicting emotions on seeing the snake?

Question 10:
Answer one of the following questions in about 100-120 words :                                                                         [8]
Antony in his speech presents Caesar as ‘a paragon of virtue and patriotism.’ Discuss the glowing tributes he paid to Caesar in his funeral speech.
Why did Calpumia try to prevent Caesar from going to the Senate House? Did she succeed in her mission? Why/Why not?

Question 11:
Answer one of the following questions in about 200-250 words :                           [10]

Do you think Anne was right in writing the letter to her father? What was the final effect of that letter and her father’s reaction on Anne? Explain.


Between Mr. Dussel and Mrs. van Daan, who do you think is a better person? Give reasons for your answer.


How did Mr and Mrs Hutton prove to be Helen Keller’s trusted friends?


What would make Helen ‘rebellious’? How would she reconcile and laugh away her discontent? Explain.

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