Class 9 – English – Moments – The Happy Prince


The Happy Prince was a beautiful statue. One day a little swallow stayed between the feet of the Happy Prince. A large drop of water fell on the swallow when he got ready to go to sleep. The swallow learnt that these were the tears falling from the Happy Prince’s eyes. The Happy Prince told him about the misery around him. The swallow made up his mind to stay there.
The Happy Prince gave a ruby for a poor seamstress. He gave a sapphire for a playwright and another sapphire for a match girl. The swallow carried out the prince’s wishes. He also plucked out the gold leaves from the statue and gave it to the poor. He decided to go to Egypt as desired by the Happy Prince. The bird said that he was leaving for the House of Death. And he fell down dead at the Prince’s feet. Just then Prince’s leaden heart cracked into two parts because of hard frost. The next morning, the Mayor ordered it to be taken down and melted in a furnace. The broken lead heart, however, did not melt. So it was thrown on a heap of dust. The dead bird was also lying there. In Heaven, God asked one of the Angels, to bring him two most precious things from the city. The Angel carried away the broken heart and the dead bird.