Class 9 – English – Children – Important Questions


There are two kinds of world : the real one and the ‘virtual’ one. The real world is the one of first-hand experiences. The ‘virtual’ world is the screen or reel world, the world where experiences are not true but they are deemed to be true. Whereas the real world is rough and harsh, the ‘virtual’ world is soft and attractive.
It is a fact that children these days remain engrossed in the ‘virtual’ world. Most of their time is divided on playing video and computer games and watching TV programmes and films. Video and computer games are their favourite. A huge industry is feeding them with new myths. Children play different types of games for entertainment. Those who become adept at playing such games take part in various competitions. What is a matter of concern is that most of these games make them restless and impatient. As the characters in the simulated images of these games are mostly larger than life figures, they attract the attention of children the most. When they begin to enact their roles by controlling the buttons, they feel like super human beings. The result is that they are cut off from reality. They feel puzzled when they find the real world different from the simulated world. .
Apart from these video games, programmes on the small and big screen take a heavy toll of the precious time of our children. TV programmes, like video games, present a world which is different from the reel one. In most of the TV programmes, there are stories of pampered, stupid persons who lead easy life. Violence and sex are glorified on the screen. There is no poverty in the make-believe world of films and TV soap operas. Children fail to realize that the glitter of the screen life is false and superficial. They do not know that actors do a lot of hard work to hide the ugliness of the real world. They do not know that the stunts which appeal to them are done by obscure persons, whereas the heroes only pretend to do them.
Thus, the children who remain busy with the unreal world of screen life do not properly grow as adults. Even in adulthood they behave immaturely. Harsh realities of the real world make them escapists. They make them frustrated individuals. Some of them fail to cope with the pressures of day-to-day life. In extreme cases, some commit suicides.
It is high time to make children come out of their ‘virtual’ world. They should be made to face reality. Parents should see to it that they should not spend too much time on computer or TV. They should make them take part in domestic chores. They should encourage them to take part in .games and other activities. Only then can their children learn about the world in which they are to work out their lives.

On the basis of your reading of the passage complete the following statements :
1. The virtual world attracts …………….
2. Children love to play video games as they ……………
3. The glitter of screen life is false as ………….
4. Cut off from reality, children grow up ………….
5. The word ‘superficial’ means ………….
Answers :
1. children most these days.
2. are a great source of entertainment for them.
3. it hides the ugliness of the real world.
4. to be frustrated individuals.
5. ‘not real’.


Question.1. Children are very fond of eating fast food and having fizzy drinks. Write an article about it in 100-120 words. You are Anupam/Anuradha.
Answer. Addiction to Fast and Fizzy drinks
Fast food and fizzy drinks are very popular among people of all ages, especially among children. The reasons are not far to seek. Fast food is readily available. It is very tasty. Working and earning mothers who have little time to cook food also encourage such food directly or indirectly.
But how far is fast food good or bad ? There is no harm if we eat it in moderation. The problem arises only when it is taken almost daily without break. Fast food is junk food. It has almost no food value. Its excessive consumption leads to many digestive problems because it is acidic and is hard to digest, Years of consumption of this kind of food may cause serious ailments such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Fizzy drinks are equally harmful. They harm our teeth and bones. They may cause stomach problems as well.
In order to wean children away from fast food and fizzy drinks we need to make children aware of their harmful effects. Parents should persuade children to take home-made food. Mothers should learn to make tasty food items at home. A ban on fast food and fizzy drinks at school canteens can be a good step.

Question.2. As Mohit, write a diary entry expressing your feelings about being nagged and criticised constantly by your parents.
Answer. Monday, 10 pm
June 4, 20
Dear Diary
I am going to write something very personal. How rigid my father and mother are! They want me to live my life their way. They prevail upon me almost daily to get up at 5 and go to bed at 9. They ask me not to switch on my DVD-player. They frown upon my using the cellphone or the Internet. Whenever a friend comes, my father or mother behaves in a way that he never turns up again. My mother reprimands me for eating fried food. She asks me never to touch a burger or pizza.
What should I do ? I have begun to lose my temper soon. At times I speak to my parents in a bad tone. I have used words which I know I should not have used.
I am totally confused. I don’t know how I can make my parents mend their ways and let me live as I like.


Question.1. The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet against the correct blank number as given below.
A sound of quick steps broke a silence e.g. a………. the of the moor. Crouching in the stones, we (a) …………… start intently at the silver-tipped bank (b) …………….. on front of us. The steps grew louder, (c) ……………. but through the fog, there stepped the man (d) …………… whom we were awaiting.
Answers :
(a) in……….. among (b) start ……….started (c) on……… (d) but……………and