Class 9 – English – Beehive – A Legend Of The Northland – Poem


The poem is a legend about an old lady who angered Saint Peter because of her greed. The story goes’ on like this. In Northland lived a lady who was very selfish and greedy. Saint Peter while preaching the world reached her door one day. She was making cakes and baking them on a hearth. St. Peter was fainting with hunger. He asked the lady to give him a piece of cake. The cake that she was baking then appeared to be too big so she did not give him a piece from that and baked another small one. That also appeared to be big so she did not give him that also. Now she took an extremely little scrap of dough and rolled it flat. She had it as thin as a wafer but was unable to part with that also. This angered St. Peter a lot. He said that she was not fit to live in human form and enjoy food and warmth. He cursed her and transformed her into a woodpecker who has to bore in hard and dry wood to get its scanty food. She can be seen in the trees all day boring and boring for food.