Class 9 – English – Moments – The Lost Child


It was spring time and the people in colourful attire were going to the fair. A child along with his parents was going to the fair and was very excited and happy. The child was fascinated by the stalls of toys and sweets. Though, his father got angry but his mother pacified him and diverted his attention towards other things. The child moved forward but once again lagged behind because his eyes were caught by one thing or the other every now and then.
As they moved forward, the child got demurred by the decorative items on the stalls. His mouth watered seeing sweets decorated with gold and silver leaves. “I want burfi” but he did not wait for his parent’s reply as he knew very well that his parents will never agree to buy burfi for him. They would say he was greedy, therefore he kept moving. Then he witnessed beautiful garlands but didn’t ask for it, then he saw balloons but he knew very well that his parents will say he was too old to play with balloons so he walked away.
Then he saw a snake charmer, a round about swing. Now he stopped to ask his parents the permission to enjoy the swing but to his utter surprise there was no reply. Neither his father nor his mother was there. Now the child realized that he was lost. He ran here and there but with no fruitful result. The place was too overcrowded. He got terrified but suddenly a kind hearted man took him up in his arms and consoling the bitterly weeping child. He asked if he would like to have a joyride but the child sobbed “I want my father, I want my mother.” The man offered him sweets, balloons and garland but the child kept sobbing “I want my father, I want my mother.”