National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) was established in 1961 in the backdrop of a school system struggling to disengage from its elitist colonial past and create a common programme of school education that was universally accessible and reflected the pluralist character of India.

NCERT Solutions

NCERT Objective:

  • To undertake aid, promote and coordinate research in all branches of education
  • To design and support a common system of education
  • Create a curriculum framework for school education.

NCERT Books:

NCERT Books were result of wide consultations involving educationists, experts, teachers and educational administrators. NCERT designed NCERT Books that stressed the need for a healthy, enjoyable and stress-free childhood and reduction of the curricular load. Language and mathematics getting integrated in the first two years of schooling. The curriculum framework sought the participation of teachers in planning, implementation and evaluation of the curriculum.

NCERT Solutions

At, we have provided chapterwise detailed solutions for the NCERT books. These NCERT Solutions are comprehensive and easy to understand. Step by Step solutions were given to NCERT Math Textbooks.

NCERT Exemplar Solutions

NCERT Exemplar Books have chapter-wise extra problems, which are very useful for CBSE students. They provide good practice material for children who are through with the prescribed NCERT  books.

RD Sharma Solutions

We are also providing RD Sharma Solutions from class 6 to 12.