AP SSC 10th class English-1 Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set  7

                                                      Part – A

(1-10) Answer ANY FIVE of the following questions in two or three sentences each.

1.Which incident in this text is funny? What makes it funny? (Altitude is Altitude)

2.What are the three things that the father plans to do on Monday next ? W aal affect  does it have on his daughters ?    (The Dear Departed – II)

3.’After spending a leisurely Sunday at home, the very thought of returning to work  on Monday is tiring.’ Do you agree ? Have you ever felt so ?  (The Journey)

4.How did Roberge try to take ‘Chitrabani’ forward? How did ‘Chitrabani’ help film ­making in Bengali? (A Rendzvous with Ray)

5.Why was Bayaji tempted to knock down Bhujaba with his box?(The Storeyed House – I)

6. Maathai said, “When we plant a tree, we plant hope.”What does she mean by this?(Environment)

7.How did the narrator come to the conclusion that grown-ups are silly?(Jamaican Fragment)

8. “And then the undreamt-of-incident took place.”What was it? Who do you think was responsible for it?  (The Storeyed House – II)

9.What is the central theme of ‘Maya Bazaar’? How have the Telugu speakers settled  abroad looked upon ‘Maya Bazaar’? (Maya Bazaar)

10.Why does the poet use the expressions ‘proud to be a strong nation’ and ‘hang heads in shame’ at the same time ?(A Plea for India)

11.Read the following stanza.
Far in the North the white bear snuffles
Down in her lair the gleaming snow
She waits for all the life she’s making                                                                           *
Outside the crashing glaciers grow7.
These cubs could be the last cubs ever To freely live and roam and mate.
Our grandchild knows the white bear never
Or will the dreamer wake?  (Or will the Dreamer Wake ?)
Now answer the following questions.
(a)Why does the whitebear snuffle ?
(b)Why could be these cubs last cubs ever ?
(c)What was the cause of destruction of white bear’s habitat ? Can you guess ?
(d)What is the meaning of glacier ?
(e)Why does the wTiite bear wait for all the life she’s making ?

12.Read the following lines.
His parents decided not to send him to a special school – a decision he said was very hard for him, but which may have been the best decision they could have made for him.
When Nick was born his father was so shocked that he left the hospital room to vomit. His distraught mother couldn’t bring herself to hold him until he was four months old.             (Attitude is Altitude)
Now answer the following questions.      
(a)What decision did Nick’s parents take ?
(b)How did Nick’s father feel when he was born ?
(c)What was Nick’s mother ?

13.Read the following conversation.
Mrs. Jordan                 : Are you quite well?
Abel                                       : Aye, I’m right enough but for a bit of a headache. (Looking at
Amelia) Amelia, what the dickens did I do with my new slip ­pers?
Mrs. Slater       :(confused) Aren’t they by the hearth, father?
Abel                   : I   don’t see them. (Observing Henry trying to remove the slippers) Why, you’ve got ’em on, Henry.(The Dear Departed – II)
Now answer the following questions.
(a)Why does Mrs. Jordan ask Abel, “Are you quite well ?” ?
(b)What is the relationship between Mrs. Jordan and Abel ?

                                                                        Part – B

AP SSC 10th class English-1 Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set 7-1

AP SSC 10th class English-1 Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set 7-2

16.(a) The book shop is closed on Sunday.
(b)The medical shop is closed down on Sunday.
Q.Which shop will be open on Monday? Ans: ____________
Report the following sentence.
He said, “Where can I get an application’form ?”

17.Combine the sentences using‘If’.
He must invite me. Then I will go.
Ans:  _________________________

18.Rewrite the following sentence in passive form.
Raju draws pictures well.

19.Combine the sentences with ‘who’.  
Ravi wrote many articles. He published them in his own books.

20.Write the contracted form in the blanks.  
It_________ (is) a quite common Feature of a great actor to accept modestly
any setback in his life which he does ________ (not) expect.

21.Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.
(a)Kumar was afraid__________ his enemies.  (of, for, with)
(b)I want to talk__________ the group about their exams.  (at, with, on
(c)People started to shout__________ the driver.(at, to, on)
(d)The accident sadly resulted ____________ the death of a man  (at, in, by)

AP SSC 10th class English-1 Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set 7-3

23.Fill in the blanks with the words opposite in meaning to those underlined.
(a)He tries to please everybody but unfortunately he seems to____________ all people.
(b)The girl, though young, is a vcrv mature person; it’s her elder brother who is
(c)Electric lamps give us artificial light, the sun gives us _________________
(d)The farmers expected increase in production but there was a________________ this  year.

24.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of the underlined words.
(a)Wangari Maathai was successful, in transforming women of Africa and_________  made her happy.
(b)Natural resources in this world can be sustained if only there is _______________ management of them.
(c)The government, of the day should show its capability by providing good_______________ to people.
(d)In a developed country, the_______________ is balanced.

26.Complete the following words by using ea, ie, ei, on, oo.
(a) curi _ _ s                                                                     (b) sh_ _ ting

27.Complete the following words with the letters given in brackets.
(a) terr_____ (able/ible) .                             (b) posse ________  (ssion/sion)

28.One word in each set is wrongly spelt. Rewrite it correctly in the space provided.
(a)example            Everest                                 entrost                                     engross
(b)audience           chargable                         reversible                           musician

29.Look at the two sets of words given below. In each set, the letters underlined in the two words are pronounced in the same way. Find the words and copy them out.
(a)foot                  shut                                         wool                        route           Ans.   ____________
(b)chemistry            charge                                   school                        chandelier      Ans.  ____________

30.Arrange the following words in alphabetical order.
initiate                                 imitate                           illegible         intimate
Ans.   ____________

31.Your sister is disappointed for not getting first rank. Advise her to take special coach ­ing in weak area.
Ans.   ____________

AP SSC 10th class English-1 Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set 7-5

33.Change the following into a polite request.
You to the cashier in the bank : “This note is/ torn, give me a different one. Ans:____________

AP SSC 10th class English-1 Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set 7-6

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