AP SSC 10th class General Science Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set 7


Group – A

1.How do you find the focal length of a concave mirror ?

2.How do you appreciate the role of Fermat principle in drawing ray diagram.

3.Two bulbs have ratings 100W, 220 V and 60W, 220 V, which one has the greater  resistance ?  .

4.Which of the various methods of current generation protects nature well ? Give examples to support your answer.

Group – B

5.How do you prepare your own indicator using beetroot ? Explain.

6.Write the four quantum number’s for the differentiating electron of sodium (Na) atom ?

7.Represent each of the following molecules using Lewis notation,  i) Bromine gas ii) Calcium chloride.

8.How do metals occur in nature ? Give examples to any two types of minerals.


9.If a white sheet of paper is stained with oil, the paper turns transparent. Why ?

10.Where will the image form when we place an object, on the principal axis of a concave mirror at a point between focus and centre of curvature ?

11.Draw the symbols of the following :

i) Battery ii) Resistance

12. Mn02 + 4HCl—>  MnCl2 + 2H2O + Cl2

In the above equation name the compound which is oxidized and which is reduced?

13.Why does not distilled water conduct electricity ?

14.What happens when a small piece of sodium is dropped into ethanol ?


Group – A

15.Your friend is asked to differentiate between evaporation and boiling. What questions could you ask to make him to know the differences between evaporation and boiling?

16.How do you verily experimentally that the focal length of a convex lens is increased when it is kept in water ?

17.Explain over loading of household circuit.

18.Explain with the help of one activity that current carrying wire produces magnetic field.

Group -B

19.What is a chemical equation ? What is the information given by chemical equation?

20.Explain the correction of the eye defect Myopia.

21.Define the modern periodic law. Discuss the construction of the long form of the periodic table.

22.Explain the formation of sodium chloride on the basis of the concept of electron transfer from one atom to another atom

                                                                   SECTION – IV

23.  Draw a neat diagram of DC generator and label its parts.

24.Draw a neat diagram of electromagnetic wave and label the parts.




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