AP SSC 10th class Social Studies 2 Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set  10


1. Make a brief assessment of the Soviet experiment. How far was it successful in building a world based on equality, freedom and prosperity ?
2. Famous photograph of Polish immigrant Florence Owens during Depression by Dorothea Lange. It depicts destitute pea pickers in California, March 1936. What would she be thinking?
3. Read the following paragraph and answer the questions that follow.
Enormous human cost :
The first consequence of the Wars was widespread deaths and injuries. As stated earlier, almost 10 million people were killed in the First and 20 to 25 million in the Second World War. Most of those who died were men and almost all of them were under forty years of age. The two wars also established a regime of lethal arms race, particularly of nuclear and chemical weapons. The world is still living constantly under  the threat of total destruction of all life through even accidental use of such weapons.
1) What was the first consequence ?
2) How many people were killed ?
4. Observe the following map and answer the questions that follow
a) Identify one Asian one African colony of Holland.
b) Identify one Asian, one African colony of France.

5. Do you agree with the view that the Constitution should have put an end to all aspects of the caste system instead of just ending untouchability? How do you think it could have been done?
6. What were the institutional changes that came up after the Emergency ?
7. Read the following paragraph and answer the given questions.
During the colonial rule Me Mahon line was drawn as the border between the countries. Nehru accepted it. Tibet which lay between China and India was to be an independent buffer zone. But China annexed Tibet in 1950 on the plea that it was dependent state of the old Chinese Empire. This removed the buffer between the two countries. There was a revolt in Tibet which was crushed by the Chinese. Thousands of Tibetans escaped along with Dalai Lama and took refuge in India. India gave asylum to Dalai Lama, this caused a conflict, and Chinese started considering India as an adversary. Prior to this, a border dispute had surfaced between India and China. China laid claim to Aksai-chin area in Ladakh region and much of Arunachal Pradesh. Despite many efforts and long discussions, the conflicts have not been resolved till today.
a) Do you think it was correct for India to give refuge to the Dalai Lama and his . Tibetan followers?
b) Do you think China was justified in wanting to control Tibet?
c) To what extent do you think both the countries can forget about their past conflicts over the boundaries and develop meaningful co-operation and friendship?
8. Do you think ‘single party democracy’ would have been a better alternative to multi ­party democracy?


9. What is the result of the secret alliances ?
10. What were Three Rs’ ?
11.  Who was sent to India in 1942 ?
12. Do you think it was a good idea to leave the term undefined in the Constitution? Give reasons for your argument.
13. Who are the permanant members of the Security Council ?
14. What did the American Civil Rights Movements fight for ?


15. Do you find the presence of aggressive nationalism, imperialism, power blocks and militarism around us today too? Give examples ?
16. ‘Aggressive nationalism paved the way for world wars’. – Interpret.
17. Trace the changes in the role of women seen in China over the decades. Why is it similar or different from that of the USSR and Germany?
18. What were the different ways in which religion was used in politics before Partition?

19. What were the major changes in political system after 1967 elections?
20. How did Cold War produce arms race as well as arms control?
21. What is the purpose of Lok Adalat?
22. Kannayya, Ramya and Salma have a debate. They have different expectations. Whom would you agree with and give reasons, from the context of human rights? Ramya argues it is okay to restrict the freedom of the press etc but ensure people do not live in poverty. Salma argues that food alone is not important but equally important to have freedom of press because there is no other way people would know if there is violation of dignity of people in different parts of the country. Kannayya says, how will it make a difference if press belongs to the rich and powerful people, why would they cover things that ordinary people expect ?


23. Locate the following places on the given outline map of World.
1) Great Britain   2) Rumenia   3) Turkey   4) Mediterranean Sea   5) Greenland
1) Norway   2) Sweden   3) Philippines   4) Niger River   5) Burma/Myanmar
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