AP SSC 10th class Social Studies 2 Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set  7


1. Do you think men and women can participate equally in all aspects of life including child rearing and work in factories, offices, and fields?
2. Famous photograph of Polish immigrant Florence Owens during Depression by Dorothea Lange. It depicts destitute pea pickers in California, March 1936. What would she be thinking?
3. Read the given paragraph and answer the following questions.
Women in Vietnam traditionally enjoyed greater equality particularly among the
lower classes, but they had only limited freedom to determine their future and played no role in public life.
1. Who enjoyed greater equality ?
2. How was their freedom ?
4. Observe the following map and answer the given questions.
1) What is the river shown in the map?
2) What dominate the South Western portion?

5. What sort of opportunities are existing in our country for free legal services to the poor people who cannot afford to pay court fees and other related expenses?
6. What were the different types of responses to the weaponisation ?
7. ‘Coalition governments induce political instability’ – Elucidate.
8. Answer the following questions after studying the table.
a) What is the war technique of Vietnam ?
b) What are the inventions of Vietnam Arsenal ?


9. What is Marshall Plan ?
10. Why do you think land rent reduction was one of the first steps taken by the independent government in Vietnam?
11. When ministers resign, who continues to conduct the day to day affairs of governance?
12. What was the popular slogan in 1971 election?
13. On what did the Operation Barga depend ?
14. Who signed the Shimla Agreement ?


15. In what ways do you think industrialisation has created the conditions for modern wars ?
16. Compare different points of view about Great Depression, which one would you agree with? Why?                 –
17. What role did schooling play in national movements of China, Vietnam and Nigeria?  What role did schooling play in national movement of. the countries discussed above?
18. How did British colonialists practise their ‘divide and rule  policy in India? How was it similar or different from what you have studied about Nigeria?

19. Identify the major changes in party system during the second phase of Independence.
20. What are the different roles done by United Nations in order to build peace in the world ?
21. How do the people in movement see the process of resettlement promise ?
22.. Observe the following graph and answer the given questions.
Graph : US and USSR nuclear stockpiles
1) What does the graph show ?
2) Which country had highest number of warheads in 1985 ?
3) Why did the warheads competition took place in between US and USSR after 1945?
4) Which country had less arms in 2005 ?


23. Locate the following places on the given outline map of World.
1) Belgium     2) Congo      3) Chile     4) Jordan     5) spain
1) Egypt    2) Indonesia       3) Israel  4) Palestine  5) Bangladesh

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