AP SSC 10th class Social Studies 2 Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set  9


1. Find out: How long did the India Pakistan war last in 1971? How many people were killed?
2. Read the following paragraph and answer the given questions.
Hitler argued that it is the right of the most powerful race to conquer the world; ‘For this earth is not allotted to anyone nor is it presented to anyone as a gift. It is awarded by providence to people who in their hearts have the courage to conquer it, the strength to preserve it, and the industry to put it to the plough… The primary right of this world is the right to life, so far as one possesses the strength for this. Hence on the basis of this right a vigorous nation will always find ways of adapting its territory to its population size.’ Hitler, Secret Book, ed. Telford Taylor. Is Hitler promoting the idea of world conquest here? Do you think world should belong to those who have power and strength alone?
3. Observe the following flow chart and answer the given questions.
1) Which incident was the cause for the World War – II ?
2) When did USA join Second World War ?
4. Observe the following map.
Answer the following questions after reading the map above.
1) Which neighbouring country of India was occupied by Japan ?
2) Most of the area under control of Japan is a part of which ocean ?

5. Find out about the condition of Palestinians who are living in refugee camps and constantly facing warfare and poverty.
6.Why do you think the protection of sharecroppers led to an increase in production?
7. Being able to conduct regular elections can be considered a clear sign of being able to establish democracy. Do you agree with this statement ? Give reasons.
8 . Read the following paragraph and answer the given questions.
The principle Allied countries like Britain, France, the USA, the USSR and China drafted a Charter for the formation of the UNO even as the war drew to an end. The Charter not only emphasised the need to preserve peace and prevent wars, but also the need to ensure human rights, democracy and eradication of poverty and hunger for all people in the world. The UN thus started with a twin objective of ensuring lasting peace and human development. At the same time it recognised the autonomy of states and promised not to interfere in any internal affair of a country except in cases mandated by serious human rights violation or threat to world peace.
1) What are the principle Allied countries ?
2) Why was the Charter drafted ?


9. How were the special war time powers ?
10. What was the programme of Sun Yat Sen ?
11. Name some chemical weapons used by the US.
12. Which two roles does RTI play ?
13 . When did Angola become independent ?
14. What is Policy Paralysis ?


15. What horror would the other Indians have felt at the thought that the INA soldiers who were like heroes to them were being tried and hanged as traitors by the British?
16. Discuss the importance of addressing the concerns of minorities. Why is it felt that majority based elections are not enough to help minorities?
17. Compare the nature of land reforms in China, Vietnam and India. ‘
18. Write a short note on various causes of two World Wars? Do you think any of these features are prevalent even today in countries around the world? How?

19. This (RTI 2005) Act resembles the true spirit of democracy. How do you justify?
20. How are the rights of black people in USA and Meira Paibi movements similar or different?
21. Using the following case study, explain the role of different Departments of the Government and citizens in the context of RTI. Also write how can the the RTI make functioning of the governments more transparent.
Following incident occurred in Chinnashankarampet of Medak district. Members of the Self Help Groups joined in Abhaya Hastam, Aam Aadmi schemes of the Rural Welfare Ministry of the State Government. Under this scheme their children who were students of classes 9 to 12 were eligible for scholorship of Rs. 1200. However for 3 years students have not been receiving the amount for the years during 2008-11. The students went to the IKP (Indira Kranthi Pathakam) office and eqnuired about it but the officers ignored their requests.
This came to the notice of the local newspapers. Now they applied to the officers concerned for the information with regard to the scholarships sanctioned. They asked about the number of beneficiaries and the amount sanctioned during 2008-09, 09-10 and 10-11. They got reply in one week. The amount was 7 lakh rupees. It became clear from the RTI records that even though the amount was sanctioned, it was not distributed. When it was published in the newspapers the amount was distributed to 1167 children within 15 days.
22. Read the following passage and answer the given questions.
Description of Elections
In Districts where purdah was strictly observed, separate voting booths,staffed entirely by women were usually provided. In Ajmer a Rajput woman arrived at the polls in a heavily veiled chariot, her whole body was draped in velvet. The only part she exposed to the public gaze was the left forefinger which, as was required to prevent repeated voting, she extended to be marked with indelible ink. Some villages voted as body. From Assam came the report of a tribal village whose members journeyed to the polling station the day before voting was to take place. They spent the night dancing and singing around large bonfires until sun-up when they marched to the booths in orderly fashion.The people of PEPSU village solved the problem of which of the two rival candidates to support by arranging a wrestling match between two of their young men, each named to represent a candidate, having agreed that
all would vote for the candidate whose representative won. Many offerings were’ brought, petitions professing loyalty or begging for food and clothing were sometimes foundwhen ballot boxes were opened.(Extracts from “The Indian Experience with Democratic Elections”1958 by Margaret W. Fisher and Joan V. Bondurant, Indian Press Digests.)
1) What was Purdah system ?
2) What is indelible ink ?
3) What is meant by bonfire ?
4) Who arrived at the polls in a heavily veiled chariot ?


23. Mark the following places on the given outline map of World.
1) Indian Ocean 2) Nepal                           3) New York                   4) Moscow                   5) Serbia
1) Bulgeria  2) Rumenia                 3) Australia      4) The USSR           5) The USA


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