IT Application Course by CBSE

The principle objective behind introducing IT application course in CBSE

  • Familiarisation with computer-dominated technological world.
  • Exposure of utility and applications of computers.
  • Algorithmic approach to problem solving.
  • To use computer effectively and efficiently by acquiring working knowledge of PC softwares.
  • Familiarisation with Data Processing environment and Data Processing terminology.
  • To get acquaintance with the basics of Computer Science and lay foundation for higher education/careers in computers in conformance with industry requirements.
  • Application of computers in the specific areas such as accounting & auditing, stores accounting, office management & secretarial practice, textile designing etc.

Computer is now affecting energy sphere of human activity. It is instrumental in bringing revolutionary changes in industry, scientific research and education. This is not only the demand of time but also the demand of almost each and every subject to have an associated computer learning to equip a student with start-of-art technology to prove himself/herself a better candidate than those without computer knowledge. Since the CBSE has been foremost in giving best to its clientele, a single paper as per requirement of industry has been designed in such a way that it can be taken as an independent subject along with any combination of vocational packages. This paper has been designed keeping in view the need and demand of computer industry.

Career Opportunities in IT Application

  • Field Service Technician.
  • IT Support Specialist.
  • Executive (Web Development).
  • Data Processing Assistant/Documentation Assistant.
  • Programming Assistant.

The rapid changes in the area of Information Technology have significantly affected the fields of business, finance, trade, governance and communications which have not only resulted in global competitiveness in various fields but simultaneously have pushed the global technical advancements. The feasibility of easy access to information, data processing and modes of communication has made visible changes in the modes of administration at all levels. Due to the increasing demands for a deeper understanding of information technology, computer aided learning has necessitated curricular reforms incorporating basic competency and skills in the fields of information technology. The course intends to develop skills related to web applications and advanced web designing. Knowledge of network safety and security, digital designing, multimedia anchoring, web content creation, interactive web page creating and troubleshooting will be imparted. The curriculum is designed to develop appropriate technical knowledge as well as the professional skills of the students, so that they are equipped to take gainful employment in the said vocation.(source CBSE)