Determine the pH of  vegetable and fruit juices using pH  paper and universal indicator


Test tubes, measuring cylinder, glass rod, watch glass, vegetable and fruit juices, universal indicator solution and pH paper.


1. Using pH Paper. Take some clean and dry test tubes and place various samples of vegetable and fruit juices in each of them.
Now put one or two drops of each sample on different strips of pH papers. Note the colour formed on each strip and compare the shade with those on colour chart. Record the pH of the compared shade.
2. Using Indicator Solution. Take 10 ml of different juices in different test tubes with the help of measuring cylinder. Put a few drops of universal indicator in each of them. Note the colour of each solution and compare with those on indicator bottle. Record the approximate pH of each.

Observations And Results

 pH of Vegetable and Fruit juices

Sample For pH paper For indicator solution
Colour produced on pH paper Approximate


Colour produced in solution Approximate


Lemon juice
Tomato juice
Orange juice
Pineapple juice
Amla juice
Mango juice


Increasing order of pH values of fruit juices is ….. .

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