Expanding Markets –  CBSE Notes for Class 11 Entrepreneurship

Facts That Matter

1. For achieving growth objectives the firms use: Stability Maintain Strategies, Expansion Growth Strategies, Retrenchment Combination Strategies.
2. Entrepreneurial strategy represents the set of decisions, actions and reactions that first generates and then exploit over time, a new entry in a way that maximizes the benefits.
3. Expansion refers to enlargement or increase in the same line of activity.
4. For expansion three frameworks are used: A. Intensification B. Integration C. Diversification
5. Intensive strategies include: Penetration Strategies, Market Development Strategies, Product Development Strategies.
6. Intensive expansion refers to the increase of sales of its existing product by enlarging the existing markets by an enterprise.
7. Integrative Strategies includes Vertical Expansion and Horizontal Expansion
8. Diversification Strategies means newlines of business are added either to the current business or may be quite unrelated.

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