Forest and Wildlife Resource CBSE Class 10 SST Geography Extra Questions

Forest and Wildlife Resource NCERT  Class 10 SST Geography Extra Questions

What has caused the destruction and extinction of many species of animals and plant life?
Neglect of our environment has led to the destruction and extinction of many species of animals and plant life.
How are animal and plant life categorized?
Animal and plant life can be categorized as follows
Normal Species Endangered Species Vulnerable Species Rare Species Endemic Species Extinct Species
What are the dangers we face due to depletion of forests?
Depletion of forests causes a lot of danger. Water scarcity, drought and deforestation induced floods are some of the dangers. Drought and floods directly affect the poor. Therefore, forests are vital for the quality of life and environment in India.
What is ‘enrichment plantation’?
“Enrichment plantation” was carried out during the colonial period in India. When a particular species of trees which are commercially profitable are planted after the removal of other species in the area, it is called “enrichment plantation”.
Examples of “enrichment plantation” are
Teak trees planted in South India after cutting down natural forests Chirr Pine plantations which have replaced the Himalayan oak in the Himalayas
Write a short note on the Himalayan Yew.
The Himalayan Yew is a medicinal plant that is found in Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh. From the bark, needles, twigs and roots of this tree a chemical compound called ‘taxol’ is extracted. This chemical is used to make drugs that are used to cure certain types of cancers, but the species is becoming extinct due to over-exploitation.
What are benefits of conserving forests?
Conservation of forests preserves the ecological diversity and natural resources like water, air and soil. It preserves the genetic diversity of plants. Conservation of forest and wildlife also help in the growth of animal species and in their breeding.
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