NCERT 9th Maths Chapter 2 Polynomials Exercise 2 5 Question 7

2. A polynomial of one term is called a monomial.
3. A polynomial of two terms is called a binomial.
4. A polynomial of three terms is called a trinomial.
5. A polynomial of degree one is called a linear polynomial.
6. A polynomial of degree two is called a quadratic polynomial.
7. A polynomial of degree three is called a cubic polynomial.
8. A real number ‘a’ is a zeroof a polynomial p(x) if p(a) = 0. In this case, a is also called a root
of the equation p(x) = 0.
9. Every linear polynomial in one variable has a unique zero, a non-zero constant polynomial
has no zero, and every real number is a zero of the zero polynomial.
10. Remainder Theorem : If p(x) is any polynomial of degree greater than or equal to 1 and p(x)
is divided by the linear polynomial x– a, then the remainder is p(a).
11. Factor Theorem : x– ais a factor of the polynomial p(x), if p(a) = 0. Also, if x– ais a factor
of p(x), then p(a) = 0.
From your earlier classes, you may recall that an algebraic identity is an algebraic
equation that is true for all values of the variables occurring in it. You have studied the
following algebraic identities in earlier classes: