NCERT Solutions for class 3 English Unit-4



Reading is Fun
1.Where did the child find the sea shell?
Ans. The child found the sea shell lying on the sand.
2. What did the child do with the shell?
Ans. The child picked up the shell and took it home.
3.What did the child hear?
Ans. The child heard a soft and sweet song.

Word Building
(i) Pick the rhyming words from this box and pair them in the spaces below. The first one has been done for you.
Ans. 1. found 2. look 3. cold 4. hand 5. mummy
sound took bold sand tummy

(ii)Fill in the blanks with the opposite word choosing from the box below. The first one is done for you.
Ans.found lost took gave
hard soft big small
inside outside came went
pick drop cold hot
true false sweet bitter
curly straight tall short

Let’s Write

The Sea is Big
The sea is big.
It is very, very big.
You cannot see the other side of the sea.
You can cross the sea in a ship
But you must go for many, many days.

Choose the right words.
1.The sea is very, very (big/far).
2.You cannot (hear/see) the other side.
3.You (can/cannot) cross the sea.
4. You can cross it in a (bus/ship).
Ans. 1. big 2. sea 3. can 4. ship

Read the following.
Birds sing.           Cows moo.
Phones ring.        Cocks crow.
People talk.           Bees buzz.
Dogs bark.             Children hush!
Match the phrases with the picture.



Reading is Fun
1.How many fish are there in the sea?
Ans. There are a great many million fish in the sea.

2. Why was the little fish unhappy?
Ans. The little fish was unhappy because he was very small.

3. What happened to the fish one day?
Ans. One day the fish got caught in a big net while swimming in the sea with his friends.

4. Why was the fish thankful to be a little fish?
Ans. The fish was thankful to be a little fish because he was saved only due to his small size.

Talk Time
1. Imagine you are a little fish. Describe what you might see around you.
Ans. There is a vast expanse of water around me. Also a number of fish, small and big, swim around me. There are several boats sailing on the water. Several fishermen are coming towards us with their big nets.

Word Building
1.Look at the pattern and fill in the blanks.
Ans.look             looked            talk             talked
pick                     picked            wish           wished
bark                     barked           pull            pulled
want                     wanted          help             helped

2. Fill in the blanks with the right word from the box.
Ans.a box of matches          a herd of cows
a sheet of paper                    a pack of wolves

Let’s Write
1.Look at the following sentence.
If I were only larger, how much happier I could he.
Make more sentences like this using the words in the box.
Ans.1.If I were only taller, how much happier I could be.
2.If I were only smaller, how much happier I could be.
3.If I were only thinner, how much happier I could be.
4.If I were only cleverer, how much happier I could be.
5.If I were only younger, how much happier I could be.
6.If I were only older, how much happier I could be.

Song Time

Singing or Crying?
Mahesh sings a little song.
Venkatesh looks at him.
“Why are you crying, Mahesh?”he asks.
Mahesh says, “I’m not crying.
I’m singing an English song!”

Choose the right words.
1. Mahesh sings a————- (long/little) song.
2. Venkatesh————-(looks/shouts) at him.
3. Venkatesh thinks Mahesh is ————-(crying/laughing).
4. Mahesh is————- (singing/saying) a song.
5. The song is in————-(Telugu/English).
Ans. 1. little 2. looks 3. crying 4. singing 5. English.

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