NCERT Solutions for class 3 English Unit-5



Reading is Fun
1.Where does the balloon man stand?
Ans. The balloon man stands at the market square.
2. What happens to the balloons when there is a wind?
Ans. When there is a wind the balloon tug a lot.
3. What does the child like to see the balloon man do?
Ans. The child likes to see the balloon man setting all the balloons free in the sky. He wants to see them sailing high in the sky.

Talk Time
1.How high can balloons fly?
Ans. Balloons can fly quite high up in the sky depending upon the gas in them.
2. What do you like about this poem?
Ans. The child is wishing to see all the balloons sailing in the sky. I like this very much.

Word Building
(i) Identify the words from the jumbled letters and write the word in the space provided.
Ans. llaboons      balloons      cunlh   lunch
ulbe                         blue             ploeep   people
wolbe                     below          crat        cart

(ii)Put the words given in the box in the following groups.
Ans.(a)nature wind, skv. grass
(b) food turnip, pineapple, rice ‘
(c) colours green, purple, white, yellow

(iii)How many colours can you find hidden in the maze? Write their names below.
Ans. 1. white 2. black 3. violet 4. orange 5. purple
6. yellow 7. pink 8. blue 9. red 10. brown.

(iv)Fill in the blanks in the balloons with their opposites. You can find them in the poem The Balloon Man. One is done for you.
Ans. • never – always • small – big
•rainy – sunny • low – high
•sit – stand • near – far



Reading is Fun
1.Where did Sonu first see the yellow butterfly?
Ans. Sonu first saw the yellow butterfly flying in his garden.

2. Name three places where the butterfly rested.
Ans. Red rose, lotus leaf and peach tree.

3.Why did Sonu chase the butterfly?
Ans. Sonu chased the butterfly to catch it because it looked very beautiful.

4. Why did Sonu let the butterfly go?
Ans. Sonu let the butterfly go because it looked sad in his hand. As Sonu wanted see it happy he made it free.

Talk Time
1.If you were a butterfly, how would you feel, if you were caught?
Ans. I would definitely feel very sad.

2. Why did the butterfly go to the flowers in the garden?
Ans. The butterfly went to the flowers in the garden to take rest and to suck the nectar from them.

Let’s Write
1.Write the sentences in proper order using these words to help you:
1.Finally, I dress up and go to school.
2.Then I brush my teeth and have a bath.
3.First of all, I get out of bed.
4. After this I eat my breakfast.
Ans.1.First of all, I get out of bed.
2.Then I brush my teeth and have a bath.
3.After this I eat my breakfast.
4.Finally, I dress up and go to school.

Word Building
1.Make two words from one word. One has been done for you.
Ans. everywhere        every   where
inside                             in        side
outside                         out         side
sunlight                     sun           light

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