NCERT Solutions for class 3 English Unit-6



Reading is Fun
1.Where do the trains run?
Ans. The trains run through the mountains, plains and rivers.

2.What are the ‘precious loads’ that they carry?
Ans. They carry our luggage, important papers, letters, parcels etc.

3.When do the trains run?
Ans. The trains run from morning to evening, from day and night.

4. What is ‘dusk’ and ‘dawn’?
Ans. ‘Dusk’ is the time when the sun is going to set. ‘Dawn’ is the time when we see the first light of the day.

Talk Time
1.Do you enjoy train rides?
Ans. Yes, I always enjoy train rides.

2. If you have to travel over a long distance, how would you like to go and  why?
Ans. If I have to travel over a long distance, I would like to go by train because it is easily affordable and also very safe.

3. If you had to spend the night on a train, what would you need to take with you?
Ans. If I had to spend the night on a train, I would take food and water, bedsheet, pillow, comb, brush and tooth paste, towel and some medicines.

Let’s Write
Describe an interesting train or bus journey you have taken, or would like to take. Write four sentences about your journey. You can use some of the following words and phrases.
many people crowded tea stalls
station/bus station river
window big and small trees
seat hills
ticket loud whistle
Example: I went to the railway station with my father to go to Haridwar.
There were many people at the railway station.
My father took the tickets from the crowded ticket window.
I took the window seat. The train started with a loud whistle. It soon took speed. I saw hills, rivers, big and small trees through the window.

Word Building
(i) Sort out these different means of transport into correct groups. One is done for you.
Ans. Land        Air          Water
Bus             Aeroplane     Ship
Car             Helicopter      Boat

(ii) Complete the sentences.
1.Give me some————-to eat. (food/clothes)
2.Plav with————–(me/grey)
3.Swim across———-(the river/the boat)
4.Let’s get on the———–(train/dawn).
Ans. 1. food 2. me 3. the river 4. train



Reading is Fun
1. What sounds do you hear on the road in the morning?
Ans. In the morning we hear the sounds of birds, newspaper boy, vegetable man, school going children, etc. on the road.

2. What is the vegetable man selling?
Ans. The vegetable man is selling different types of vegetables such as peas, cauliflowers, potatoes, radishes, carrots, cabbages, etc.

3. Why is the road annoyed with the crow?
Ans. The road is annoyed with the crow because he is waking up the road again and again. But the reality is that the road is already wide awake.

Talk Time
1.Use can and cannot alternatively in the following sentences: ‘can’ and ‘cannot’
Ans.I cannot hear the train whistle.
I can hear the wind blow.
I cannot hear the clock.
I can hear the sound of feet.
I cannot hear the sound of moving of chairs.
I can hear the dogs barking.

Team Time
1.Look at the picture and write four sentences about what you see.
Ans. 1. I can see a tree.
2.I can see different types of vehicles running on the road.
3.I can see a zebra crossing.
4.I can see a bird.

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