NCERT Solutions for class 3 English Unit-7



Reading is Fun
1.Who’is the ‘I’ in the poem?
Ans. ‘I’ in the poem is a little boy.

2.Where was the Man going?
Ans. The Man was going to the village to get some bread.

3.Why didn’t the child go with the Horse?
Ans. The child did not go with the Horse because he found him busy in his own work.

4. Why did the child go with the Puppy?
Ans. The child went with the Puppy because he (Puppy) was going to the hills to roll and play and the child wanted to play.

Talk Time
1.Do you have a pet?
Ans. Yes, I have a pet dog.

2. Talk about three things that you and your pet do together.

  • We go for morning walks together.
  • We play together in the evening.
  • We sit together on sofa and see TV.

3. How do you look after your pet? Tell the class first in your own language, and then in English.
Ans. I have a pet dog. His name is Tufty. I bathe daily. I feed him on time. I make his bed and take care of his cleanliness. I play with him in the evening. I love him very much.

Let’s Draw
1.Look at the dogs in the picture and write about them.

  • Bull Dog. It is a short strong dog. It has a large head. Its nose is short and flat. It has a short thick neck.
  • Boxer. It is a large dog with smooth hair. Its nose is short and flat. It has a tail that has usually been cut very short.
  • German Shepherd. It is a large dog. It is often trained to help the police and to guard buildings.
  • Doberman. It is a large dog with short, dark hair. It is often used to guard buildings.

Let’s Write
1.Match the animals with their sounds,
A                     B
a horse       trumpets
a dog          bleats
a sheep        neighs
a cat             roars
an elephant moos
a tiger           barks
a cow            mews

  • a horse neighs
  • a sheep bleats
  • an elephant trumpets
  • a cow moos
  • a dog barks
  • a cat mews
  • a tiger roars

2. List these animals under domestic animals and wild animals.

3.Fill in the blanks with rhyming words.
Hill     pill      kill
Hay    dav      ray
Fine    shine   line
Get      pet       jet
Going  showing doing

Bruno is my pet puppy.
He breaks his dish.
He is sad.
Daddy gives him milk.
But Bruno is sad.
Mummy gives him a new dish.
Now Bruno is happy. ‘

Choose the right words.
1.Bruno is my . (pet/dish)
2.He breaks his . (dish/fish)
3.Daddy gives him . (water/milk)
4.Mummy gives him a new————– . (fish/dish)
5.Bruno is now———– . (sad/happy)
Ans. 3. milk 5. happy.



Reading is Fun
1.Tick the right answer.
(i)Where did the mother tiger and her small tiger cub live?
(a) near a river (b)near a mountain
(c) near a forest (d)near a sea
(ii)What did the mother tiger hunt when the sky was dark?
(a) sheep and goats (b)fish and frogs
(c) deer and pigs (d)donkeys and horses
(iii) What did the tiger cub catch one night?
(a) a deer t (b) a frog
(c) a pig (d) a cat
Ans. (i) (a) near a river iii) (c) deer and pigs
(iii) (b) a frog.

2.What happend to the little tiger cub when he chased the frog?
Ans. A big tiger came close to him when the little tiger cub chased the frog.

Word Building
(i)Match the animals with their young ones
horse     kitten
dog         calf
cat          colt
cow        puppy
Pig          cub
tiger       piglet
sheep     kid
goat       duckling
duck      lamb

(ii)Word game: Can you place these letters in their right order to form the names of animals?

(iii)The animals/birds in column A have to reach their homes in column B. Find out where they live.

Let’s Write
1.Now write six sentence ftom the above pictures. One has been done for you. A tiger lives in a den.
Ans. 1. A tiger lives in a den. 2. A bee lives in a hive.
3. A duck lives in a pond. 4.A rabbit lives in a burrow.
5. A spider lives in a web. 6.A sparrow lives in a nest.

Talk Time
1.The little tiger cub slipped away when his mother was asleep. He soon got into trouble.’ Tell the class about a similar incident when you did not listen to your parents and found yourself in trouble.
Ans. Once my parents warned me not to touch the burning candle. I didn’t listen to them and touched it. I got my fingers burned. It was a painful experience.

Team Time
(i)Who am i?
Look at the pictures and read the clues. Then complete this crossword puzzle. The first clue is done for you.

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