NCERT  Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-2



Reading is Fun
1. Why does the poet feel that the nose is a funny thing?
Ans. The poet feels that the nose is a funny thing because it is stuck on the face like a handle and it has two little holes.

2. Why is a nose important for you?
Ans. Nose is important for us because the two little holes in it help us in breathing.

3. Does the child in the poem like her nose? Why do you think so?
Ans. The child in the poem definitely likes her nose. She takes it as the funniest thing which sticks out on her face like a handle.

Let’s Talk
1. Describe a few funny things you have seen. Do they make you laugh?
Ans. People with long and flat nose make me laugh. Some dresses worn by people also make me laugh.

2. What does features mean? Look up the dictionary. What are the different kinds of features of people we come across in the world? Discuss.
Ans.‘Features’ means – distinctive parts of the face or appearance.
The different kinds of features of people are
• People with big, bright eyes
• People with long, short or flat nose
• People with rosy cheeks
• People with round and broad faces
• People with curly, silky hair

Fun Time
1. Sit in groups.
2. Look at your friend’s face and describe what you see.
Use words like long, round, oval, slanted, sharp, flat to help you. You can use other words also.
Ans. My friend’s face is round. He has a long nose. His eyes are very bright. His features are sharp.

3. What is your favourite fruit? Describe it in five sentences.
Ans. My favourite fruit is mango.
Let’s Exercise
A breathing exercise
• Close your right nostril with your right thumb.
• Inhale slowly through your left nostril till your lungs are filled with air.
• Now close your left nostril with your second and third fingers.
• Remove your finger from the right nostril and exhale through it.
• Repeat this exercise slowly in the beginning and with practice increase your speed.
Ans. Do it yourself
Let’s Write
1. Do you know a fish breathes from its gills? Write two sentences about
other animals which can breathe under water.
Ans. Crocodiles and turtles are water animals. They can breathe under water.

2. Punctuate the following passage.
mother father neelam said i have got a fire engine ive got a fire engine whats this whats this called mother somewhat confused by the noise ive got a fire engine mother come and see it.
Ans. “Mother, father”, Neelam said, “I have got a fire engine! I’ve got a fire engine!””What’s this? What’s this?”called mother, somewhat confused by the noise. “I’ve • got a fire engine, mother. Come and see it.”

3. Using a red pencil, choose and circle the things whose smell you like.
Now with a blue pencil circle the things whose smell you do not like. Make five sentences like this –
like/do not like the smell of…….. because it reminds me of……..
(a) I like the smell of rose because it reminds me of the beauty of nature.
(b) I do not like the smell of dirty shoes because they remind me of decayed rats.
(c) I like the smell of the shampoo because it reminds me of the scent my
father uses
(d) I do not like the smell of garbage, because it reminds me of the smell of stagnant water during rainy season.
(e) I like the smell of marigold because it reminds me of the soap my mother uses.
Write three pairs of words that rhyme with each other.
Ans. nose—goes guess—watercress small—all



Reading is Fun
1. Tick (Right) the correct answer.
Word Building
1. By changing tine circled word to its opposite, rewrite these sentences. One has been done for yon.
Ans. I carry a heavy bag to school every day.
Ans. I lost the race
Ans. I hate eating vegetables
Ans. This glass of milk is empty.
Ans. The old man is foolish

2. Now give the opposite of the words below by adding un or im.

3. Rita loved her dog Sheroo. Every day, Sheroo would go out of the house and come back himself. But one day he did not come home. Rita looked everywhere for him. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Sheroo was lost. He was nowhere to be found. Rita was crying when she reached home. She got into her bed. All of a sudden something jumped on her. Can you guess who it was ? Rita was very happy.
Give the opposites of the words in blue (here bold).
hated             come in             go      nowhere    up       found
everywhere   laughing         sad

Let’s Write
1. Rewrite the passage below using capital letters where necessary –
(i)one Saturday afternoon amarjit and his little sister rani went for a picnic to india gate, there they saw ducks, water and their friend raj
Ans. One Saturday afternoon Amarjit and his little sister Rani went for a picnic to India Gate. There they saw ducks, water and their friend Raj.
(ii)oh dear said the fir tree I like my old needle-like leaves best for goats don’t eat them and no man can steal them
Ans. “Oh dear!”said the fir tree “I like my old needler-like leaves best for goats don’t eat them and no man can steal them”.

Let’s Talk
1. Look at the picture below. In the yellow box there are eight things. Six of them you can see in the picture. The other two you cannot see. Write down the four things that you can see.
ducks mat dog girl
boy tree fountain flowers
Ans. ducks boy girl tree

2. Look at the picture again. Describe the picture,
Ans. A boy and a girl have come to a park for outing. They are enjoying the natural scene by the side of a pond. Two ducks are swimming in the water. The girl has spread a mat on which she has put lunch box, bananas, ball etc. A bird is sitting near the mat. The boy is looking at the bird. He looks happy.

Fun Time
1. Ajit loved flowers. He always wanted to have a garden for himself. Mohan, his friend gave him an idea. He said, “Why, we can have a garden in a dish!”
“Ha! Ha!”Ajit laughed. “A garden in a dish?”
Ans. “Yes, dish gardens are tiny gardens planted in a shallow dish. We must first put sand, manure and pebbles in a dish. Plant very tiny plants in it and place the dish on the window sill.”

2. Which of the following actions would make others happy/unhappy?

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