NCERT  Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter  23 Pocham palli

1. Vani and Prasad learnt this beautiful craft from their family members. When they grow up, do you think they will be able to teach their children the skills of this craft?
Ans. Yes, they will be able to teach their children the skills of this craft.
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2. Have’you ever seen anybody weave something on a loom?
Ans. Yes, I saw it on TV.

3. What were they weaving and where?
Ans. They were weaving a shawl. There was a programme on the TV about weavers of Bhagalpur.

4. The threads of a saree are dyed. Do you know of any other thing that is dyed?
Ans. Woollen thread is also dyed.

5. If you visit Vani’s village it seems as if the entire village is weaving sarees. Do you know of any other work which many people living in one place do?
Ans. Yes, such as pottery.

6. Do they make some article?
Ans.Yes they make earthen pots.

7. Find out the process of making the article? What are the different steps?
Ans. First of all they make dough of fine earth. The dough is put on a wooden wheel, which is called Chak or Potter’s Wheel. Potter then gives the desired shapes to the earthen dough. Desired pots and toys made of earth are dried in the sun and then baked in kiln. Then they are coloured as per requirement.

8. Do men and women do different kinds of work to make this article?
Ans. Usually they do the same work and share their tasks.

9. Do children also contribute in making this article?
Ans. Yes children also contribute in making the articles.

Find Out and Write
1. Talk to an ironsmith, a carpenter and a potter about the nature of their work.
Iron smith – Makes the things made of iron.
Carpenter – Makes the wooden articles.
Potter – Makes the earthen pots and toys.

2. Where did they learn to do their work?
Ans. Usually they learn it from their parents.

3. What else did they need to learn to be able to do this work?
Ans. The skill of imagination for making good pottery.

4. Have they taught this work to anybody in their family, or to anyone else?
Ans. Yes, they teach their work to their family members and anyone else who likes to learn it.

5. The table below has a list of different kinds of work that people do. Do you know people who do such work? Write their names in the first column. In the next column write from whom have they learnt their work?

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