NCERT  Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter  25 Spicy Riddles

1. I can be powdered fine To make food hot and spicy,
If too much of me is added I make you gasp-shheee… shheee… Your eyes and nose begin to water And you cry!
Think and tell me who am I?
Tell me quickly, who am I?
Ans. Chilli (Mirchi)
2. Grind me and powder me- To make your food look yellow,
I am mixed in oil by granny And applied to wounds quickly,
I heal all wounds-big and small, That is why I am loved by all!
Think and tell me who am I?
Tell me quickly, who am I?
Ans. Turmeric (Haldi)
3. Small and round like a pearl,
I am black when I am whole.
I can be powdered coarse or fine A sharp and spicy taste is mine, Whether it is salty or sweet I am added as a special treat,
Think and tell me who am I?
Tell me quickly, who am I?
Ans. Pepper (Kaali Mirch)
4. I am a small and skinny chap Sometimes I am brown and sometime black,
Added to hot oil and ghee I spread my fragrance all around me, When I am roasted.
Curd and jaljeera are favourite to me. Think and tell me who am I?
Tell me quickly, who am I?
Ans. Cumin (Jeera)
5. I look like Zeera though green am I, To make your stomach healthy I always try,
Eat me always after your meal I refresh your mouth, you surely feel,
Think and tell me who am I?
Tell me quickly, who am I?
Ans. Fennel (Saunf)
6. I look like a nail but a bud am I, Chocolate brown colour and a strong smell have I.
When your toothache makes you shout,
I soothe the pain in your mouth. Think and tell me who am I?
Tell me quickly, who am I?
Ans. Cloves (Laung)
1. Now try and make your own riddles about two other spices. Ask those riddles in your class. Draw pictures of the two spices in your notebook and write their names.
Ans. I am the costliest spice in the world,
I spread my fragrance far and wide I love exotic dishes like biryani I give yellow colour to the dish I look like fine hairs Tell me who am I?

Saffron I look like the bark of a tree I come in shape of small sticks I am used in dishes for my fragrance I am also used in chocolates, candies and chewing gums I am chocolaty brown Tell me who am I
Ans. Cinnamon
2. Find out which spices are used in your house for cooking. Make a list and look at your friends’ lists too.
Ans. Spices used in my house for cooking-Turmeric, pepper, ginger, cumin, saffron. Spices used in my friend’s house for cooking – Onion, garlic, turmeric, pepper, basil, cumin.

3. When your grandparents were young, which spices were used most in their kitchens? Find out from them and write here.
Ans. Red chilli, turmeric, onion, coriander, etc.

4. Name one spice which is put into both sweet and salty things.
Ans. Cardamom (Elaichi)

5. Find out what is put into food to make it taste sour.
Ans. Vinegar

1. Find out whether any spices are grown in your area. Write their names here.
Ans. Yes in my area, chilli, turmeric, ginger and garlic are grown.

2. Bring some whole spices to class. Write their names in the table. Close your eyes and try to recognise each spice by smelling and touching each one in turn.
Put a (right) mark in front of the ones you recognise. If you do not recognise any, put a (Wrong) mark.
Ans. I could recognize all the spices. They given in the following table.
Let Us Try Making a Spicy Potato Chaat!
1. Did you enjoy the potato chaat?
Ans. Yes, I enjoyed the potato chaat.

2. Just imagine, if there were no spices to make the potato chaat, how would it taste?
Ans. Its taste would not be good.

3. Try to learn and make a different kind of chaat and enjoy it with all your friends in class.
Ans. Do it yourself.

4. How do spice-less and very spicy things feel on your tongue?
Ans. Spicy things give a tingling sensation on my tongue. Spice-less things do not give such sensation.

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