NCERT Solutions for class 5 English Unit-2



Let’s Read
Complete the following sentences.
1.If nobody passes the ball in a basketball game, then you can’t .
2.In a relay race, if no one passes the baton, then .
Ans. 1. shoot 2. relay race cannot go on.

Think and Write
1.Name the team members needed for the following.
(i)To play cricket we need batsmen, bowlers, fielders, coaches
(ii)To make a film we need
(iii)To run a good school we need
(iv) To run a restaurant we need
Ans. (ii) producers, directors, actors, dancers, cameramen, musicians
(iii)principal, teachers, students, clerical staff, peon
(iv)manager, cooks, waiters

2. Complete the sets of rhyming words. One has been done for you.

Words from the poem team plus done hoop, shoot goal joy
Your own words beam          


Words from the poem team plus done hoop shoot goal joy
Your own words beam us bun loop root coal boy

3.Read the poem.
Now form questions for the answers given in the speech bubbles.
Q.1. Why was the shoe lost?
A. The shoe was lost because of the nail.
Q.2. Why was the kingdom lost?
A. The kingdom was lost because the battle could not be fought.
Q.3. Why was the battle lost?
A. The battle was lost because there was no rider.
Now make three more questions and answers from the poem, Teamwork.
Q. 1. How can we make our dream work?
A.We can make our dream work by working together.
Q. 2. How can the relay race go on?
A.The relay race can go on if someone passes the baton.
Q. 3. How can we achieve our common goal?
A. We can achieve our common goal by working together.

Picture Composition
Look at the picture and answer the questions in one sentence using the word clues given in the box.
1.Who is laying the bricks?
Ans. The mason is laying the bricks.

2.Who is holding the ladder?
Ans. The labourer is holding the ladder.

3.Who is the man on the ladder?
Ans. The man on the ladder is electrician.

4. Who is making the door?
Ans. The carpenter is making the door.

5. Who is painting the wall?
Ans. The painter is painting the wall.

6.Now make up a story about the picture. Give names to the people. Write the story showing .the importance of teamwork.
Ans. The picture given above shows that a house is being built. A number of people are engaged in this work. Mahesh, the mason, is laying the bricks. Naresh, the carpenter, is busy in making the door. Sheru is a labourer who is holding the ladder on which Naseem, the electrician, is standing and busy in electric fittings. A house or flat cannot be completed without a plumber. Hence, Rohit is called to lay water pipes. But how can a house or flat look beautiful if there is no painter. For this work Sadhu Mahto is called who is a very good painter. He paints the entire house beautifully. Everyone admires his work.
Thus, building of a house or flat is a teamwork. Everyone needed in this work is , equally important.

Let’s Talk
1.In groups of five, discuss what you enjoy doing alone and what you like doing in a group.
Now prepare a list as shown below.

Things I like doing alone Things I like doing in a group


Things I like doing alone Things I like doing in a group
•       Listening to music

•       Reading story books

•       Playing video games

•       Painting                                       1

•       Doing homework

•       Going to the zoo

•       Playing cricket

•       Celebrating my birthday

•       Dancing

•       Swimming

2. In your family, what activities are done individually and as a group?
My mother decides ————–
My father decides ————–
I decide ————–
We decide ————–

  • My mother decides the menu for day.
  • My father decides matters related to money.
  • I decide what to study and when to study.
  • We decide where we sfiall go during holidays.

Let’s Write
1.In the puzzle find the words given in the column. Notice that these words are formed by joining two words. One is done for you.
Find some more such words.

2.Let’s write a poem.
I have a kite but need a friend to fly it with.
I know a song but need someone to hear it.
I have a ball but need someone to catch it.
I ——————–
I ——————–
I ——————–
I ——————–
Ans. I have a badminton kit but need someone to play with me.
I know a story but need someone to hear it.
I know acting but need someone to see it.
I have got a trophy but need someone to share the joy.

Say Aloud
â–º We sometimes use short forms for some words. For example, we use Fm for I am and I’ve for I have. These shortened words are called contractions.
â–º The mark (‘) is an apostrophe which shows where the letters are left out. Now read together.
1. Write the contractions for the following phrases.
has not———- have not ———-
do not ———- are not———-

  • hasn’t
  • haven’t
  • don’t
  • aren’t

2.Write the full forms for the following.
weren’t———- she’ll ———-
wasn’t———- who’s ———-

  • were not
  • she will
  • was not
  • who is



Let’s Read
1.Where did the geese live?
Ans. The geese lived in the leafy branches of a tall tree.

2. Why did the old bird advise the other birds to destroy the creeper?
Ans. The old bird advised the other birds to destroy the creeper because it could help a hunter to climb up the tree and kill all of them.

3. Why did the geese cry, “Help Help”?
Ans. The geese cried for help because they were trapped in the hunter’s net.

4.What did the hunter do when he thought that the geese were dead?
Ans. He threw them out of the net one by one.

5. Why did the geese pretend to be dead?
Ans. The geese pretended to be dead so that the hunter would leave them safely.

6. Describe one incident when you got into trouble because you did not do your work on time.
Ans. I had to participate’in a quiz contest to be held on the occasion of Children’s Day. As there was one week to come to that auspicious day, I got relaxed and didn’t touch any of the reference books. My mother kept on telling me to consult a few books for the contest but I didn’t pay any attention to her advice. I had full confidence in myself. I thought the day before the contest would be enough for the preparation. When that day came, I got severe headache. I could not go through any book: Although I participated in the contest, I did nothing. I felt ashamed of myself.

State whether the following statements are True or False.
1.The tree was the house of a flock of-parrots.
2.The wise old bird wanted the creeper to be destroyed.
3.The hunter climbed the tree with the help of a ladder.
4.When caught in the net the foolish birds began to weep.
5.The wise old bird helped them to escape.
Ans. 1. False 2. True 3. False
4. True 5. True

Let’s Listen
Listen to the following paragraph.
The Ant and the Dove
On his way home, an ant saw a sparkling fountain. He crawled on to its wall to take a closer look.
Suddenly he slipped and fell into the water. He gurgled and panicked and waved his legs in the air. “Help! I can’t swim.”he cried. Luckily, just at that moment, a friendly dove flew by. She saw that the tiny ant was drowning and quickly flew to a nearby tree.
She pulled off a leaf and let it glide down to the ant. “Here you are,”she cooed, and flew away. (Adapted from Aesop’s Fables)
(i)Why do you think the dove helped the ant?
(ii)How do you think the ant felt on finding the leaf?
(iii)Have you ever been in trouble like the ant? Did anyone help you?
Ans.(i)I think the dove helped the ant because she was friendly by nature and so took pity on the tiny ant.
(ii)On finding the leaf the ant would have felt very happy. She would have also felt thankful to the dove.
(iii)Once I got lost in a fair. I got panicked. I requested several persons to give me their mobile for a while so that I may call to my father. But no one helped me. In the last I went to a policeman and gave him my father’s mobile number. The policeman contacted with my father and tola him to pick me up from the main gate of the compound where the fair was held.

Let’s Talk
1. Work in pairs.
â–º Ask your friend questions about all the things he does.
â–º Use question words such as where, what, how, who, when, why. One is done for you.
â–º Where, what, how, who, when, why
Anu: I watch TV in the evening.
Amit: When do you watch TV?
Anu : I play games.
Anu 1 : I collect stamps.
Anu:I play in the ground.
Anu:On Sunday I go shopping.
Anu:I watch TV in the evening.
Amit:When do you watch TV?
Anu:I play games.
Amit:What do vou plav?
Anu:I collect stamps.
Amit:What do vou collect?
Anu:I play in the ground.
Amit:Where do vou plav?
Anu:On Sunday I go shopping.
Amit:What do you do on Sunday?
When do you go shopping?

2.Answer these questions about yourself.
(i)What is your name?
(ii)What languages do you speak?
(iii)How old are you?
(iv)Which is your favourite food?
(v)Where did you go yesterday?
(vi)Which country do you belong to?
(vii)When do you go to sleep?
(viii)Why do you drink milk?
Ans.(i)My name is Anshu.
(ii)I speak Hindi and English.
(iii)I am ten years old.
(iv)My favourite food is curry and chawal.
(v)Yesterday I went to museum.
(vi)I belong to India.
(vii) I go to sleep at 10 p.m.
(viii) I drink milk to get strong.

3.In groups of five discuss what you would do if you were caught in the following situations.
â–º Your friend falls in the playground and is hurt…
â–º You are trapped in a fire…
â–º You are stuck in a traffic jam…

  • I’ll lift him and give him first aid.
  • I’ll call for help.
  • I’ll wait patiently for the jam to be cleared.

Let’s Write
1. The words in the clouds describe something or someone in the story. Name them in the blanks provided.
Make sentences of your own with the words given in the clouds.

  • Wise : The king was very wise.
  • Careless : We should not be careless.
  • Thick and strong : The creeper was thick and strong.
  • Foolish : The foolish can be trapped easily.
  • Tall: A tall building was standing in front of the playground.

2.Here are some answers about the given picture.
(i)The colour of the ant is black.
(ii)It lives on land.
(iii)It has two long antennae.
(iv)It crawls on the ground.
(v)It eats sugar.
Now frame questions for the above answers.
Ans.(i) What is the colour of the ant?
(ii)Where does it live?
(iii)How many antenne does it have?
(iv)How dose it move on the ground?
(v)What does it eat?

3.Fill in the blanks with the prepositions such as to, at, off, on, in, into, with. One has been done for you.
(i)This tree was the home of a flock of wild geese.
(ii)He noticed the creeper——-the foot of the tree
(iii)”It would be a pitv——- destroy it now.”
(iv)As thev flew——-the tree thev were trapped.
(v)The bov ran——- the dog.
(vi)The frogs jumped——-the well.
(vii)The girl was thrilled——-see her new bicvcle.
(viii)The birds were caught——-the net.
(ix)The children walked——-the bridge.
Ans.(ii)at (iii)to
(iv)into (v)with
(vi)into (vii)to
(viii)in (ix)over

4.Complete the paragraph with suitable words from the box.
One day, as I was walking——-the bank of the river, I saw my friend running——-the field. He was calling my name and waving——- me. I stopped and waited——-. sometime he reached where I was standing.
He said, “I went all——-the town looking for you. I have some exciting news to share——- you. Do you remember the old house the neem tree?Guess who is moving——-house? Janak Das, the great magician. Now we can  learn lots of magic tricks——-him.”.
Ans. along, across, to, After, around, with, next to, into, from.

5. Fill in the blanks given below with question words.
For example, where do you live?
(i)———– do you play?
(ii)———–do you get up?
(iii)———–do you have for breakfast?
(iv)———–do you go to school?
(v)———–do you like best in the school—game, art or music?
(vi)———–is your birthday?
(vii)———– do you want for your birthday?
Ans.(i)What (ii)When (iii)What
(iv)When (v)What (vi)When (vii) What

6.Reference to context.

  • Who said this?
  • To whom was it said?
  • When was it said?

Draw pictures of the speakers of the above lines.

    • the geese
    • to the old wise bird
    • when the old wise bird told them to destroy the newly-grown creeper.
    • the hunger
    • to himself
    • when he came to the tree in the forest.

Fun Time
1.Students should themselves draw the pictures.
Proverbs are short, wise sayings. For example—Look before you leap. This means that we should think carefully before we take any action. Here are some popular English proverbs. Read them aloud together and discuss what each could mean.

  • Old is gold.
  • As you sow so shall you reap.
  • Unity is strength.
  • United we stand divided we fall.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.


  • Old is gold—One who is in my contact from a long time is more reliable or worthier than others.
  • As you sow so shall you reap—You will have to bear the consequences (good or bad) of your action.
  • Unity is strength—If we are together we will be strong enough to overcome any problem.
  • United we stand divided we fall—If we are together we win, if not we lose.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed—A friend who gives you help when you need is a true friend.

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